Women can only be submissive to attractive men

Your behaviors, dominance, masculine energy only work or they make some difference if you are attractive, if you are genetically superior and physically gifted.

Women have to look up to a man in order to be submissive and receptive towards him. Women have to respect you and adore you physically before respect you and truly admire you as a person. They may not admit this and probably they never will but this is the truth. Just watch how women behave generally and you will see with your own eyes.

I know what you will say. Money or status can make the same affect but the reality is they can’t. Money or status can’t create that raw, biological, animalistic desire, submission and admiration.

Money and status only can make you valuable in women’s eyes but as a someone to exploit not someone to adore and desire.

Women will always worship and admire a tall, handsome young guy even if he is broke and unsuccessful. They will accept any personality flaws or even toxic behaviors from him. They will even try to change him. But average looking rich, powerful guy will not create that same affect. Never.

When women interact with a genetically superior male they lose their control. They become a different person.

They become submissive, receptive, highly flirtatious and make things easier for him. They want to have sex with him quickly. They want to be close to him, they want to touch him constantly, they desire him on great amounts. They don’t set rules or conditions for sex instead they break rules, they take greater risk and they giggle and act like a little girl around him. They give up their sense of control. They totally submit to this handsome, genetically superior man. Women literally live for attractive men, they feel amazing feelings around them. They can cheat on their long term partners easily and quickly with them and they do it in many times. Because women can’t resist to a genetically superior male. That’s how they are wired. Their whole biology evolved to be with genetically superior men as soon as possible when the opportunity arrives.

Only genetically gifted, a high value guy will create this affect on women. No amount of money, status or success can do this. Oftentimes women fake it to get popularity or money or power from men, they act like they desire and admire those men but in reality they don’t. They just want benefits and they use sex and their bodies as a tool to achieve that goal.

But women only and truly submit to genetic superiority. They crave these men literally because they want to be desired by them, they want to be impregnated by them.

If a woman acts cold and distant towards you, if she has rules, steps or conditions for you, if she acts controlling and harsh towards you then unfortunately you are not superior to her. She doesn’t see you as an attractive, genetically superior male.

Most men can’t accept this reality and they create some false stories. Such as “i’m not assertive enough that’s why” or “i didn’t act dominant enough” or “it’s because i don’t have money or status”, “i didn’t say the right words” or “there has to be a reason unrelated to my looks” etc. They create these stories to believe that women don’t desire them because of other factors rather than their looks.

Study after study it has been proven that women are extremely picky in terms of looks and they highy care about physical appearance when it comes to sexual selection. They are way more selective than men are. I mean this is logical because in most species females are the choosier ones. Why would this be different in humans? It’s not.

If you don’t believe me just create a fake online dating account and use a very attractive male’s pictures and then just watch how things will go.

You will see that no amount of bad personality, poor conversation skills and even stupidity will hold majority of women back from giving you sex easily. They will talk dirty and act highly kinky with you and they might even beg you for you to desire them and meet with them.

Because you will see a different life, a different reality. You will see women’s other sides.

You will realize that if you are attractive, if you are genetically superior then basically you can say and do anything to women and still not look creepy or like a pervert. You are only creepy or pervert if you are unattractive to women.

This has been done million times by the way. There are infinite number of Tinder and OkCupid experiments like this and it’s mind boggling.

This is the true nature of women. Your genetics matter more than anything. When it comes to sexual selection women care about genetics more than anything.

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