Why you can’t never trust what women say?

Often times what women say and what they do are completely opposite things.

Most men think women actually do this consciously like they are in some kind of conspiracy.

But they are actually not. In reality they don’t know what they want. They are not even aware of their own nature. Women are not even aware of their own urges.

When men say women about their nature, women get really angry and triggered. But after then, they do exactly the things that men mentioned already.

If you say to a woman that they have dual mating strategy and they desire some men sexually and they are attracted to some men emotionally and they use them for their resources and emotional stability, women will get really mad and blame you for your lack of understanding.

But then they commit dual mating and follow the same routines.

Because human urges and emotions are not tied to logic.

Women can say “i don’t understand why people cheat i would never cheat on my partner.” But then they can cheat on their boyfriends or husbands.

Because lust has no logic. Sexual attraction is not something you do purposely.

It happens naturally in the moment.

When women flirt and interact with a handsome, sexually attractive man in enough time, they feel intense lust, they get horny, they feel the need to have sex with him in a short time.

Because they are hardwired to get quality genes from attractive men as soon as possible when the opportunity arrives. Instinctively they don’t want to miss their chance.

Therefore what women say and what they actually do often times are totally different things.

You can see this even in scientific studies. In one study women claimed that they don’t care about looks much about their partners but after study it has been revealed that women care about looks even more than men especially when it comes to sexual attraction.

This is a good example. It’s not like they lie, women just don’t know. They are not aware.

They can say “i don’t do hook up” but then do it. They might say “i want a nice, loving guy” but then friendzone that kind of guy instantly. They can say “i would never cheat” and then do it when they have the opportunity.

They actually don’t know what they really want they always follow their feelings.

Women always take action based on how they feel at that moment.

Feelings drive women’s behaviors. Women always follow their feelings and urges. And therefore how they feel now will be different than how they will feel tomorrow.

When women choose men based on looks they might say some false things about why they chose him so they don’t end up looking shallow. When they find the guy attractive physically they can find some little things about his personality or his style to say people that they chose him because of his style or personality. But actually they chose based on his looks.

Women don’t speak literally. They are always play their game secretly and indirectly. They are not honest, direct or clear about the things they say most of the time or even if they are honest they can change their minds quickly. Because they always follow their feelings not logic.

What women say and want consciously is totally different than what they want and do subconsciously. Because as i said they don’t even aware of their own nature. They don’t know exactly what they want.

Therefore asking women about dating advice or asking them about their desires and urges, asking them about their nature aren’t going to get you anywhere. It will not give you clear picture about women and their behaviors.

They either will lie or give you half answers. You can not reach truth by asking women about themselves. What they want, who they desire, why they do it, they either don’t know or they just lie to protect themselves.

Women are evolved to be manipulative. This is not an insult, it is just what it is. Therefore they don’t speak literally, they don’t use words like men. They are not direct often times.

They use words indirectly, they say one thing but they actually mean something else.

Or they say things to not say the truth, they say it just to get some attention, too look cool and virtuous or just for no reason.

This is just classical female behavior.

Therefore if you want to understand about women and understand their desires, if you want to understand what women actually want then you have to look at their actions. You have to look at their behaviors.

Because they reveal their true intentions.

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