Why women want to be desired and wanted so much?

If you ask me what is the most deepest need of all women have i would say it’s this; it’s the need to be desired and wanted.

Women live for this. They even use sex to feel these feelings. Women live for these feelings.

As we mentioned before here and here women have dual mating strategy. They want to get the best genes to produce healthy children also they want to get commitment and resources to take care of their children.

But this is just their strategy and in order to make their strategy work they have to be desirable, they have to be sexy and pretty, they have to be worthy for male attention. They have to be wanted and desired.

Women only have one weapon against men and it’s their beautiful bodies.

Through all history, women were completely dependent on men to live. In order to survive and reproduce successfully they needed men like they need air to breathe. They couldn’t do it without men.

And they had to be desirable, they had to get attention all the time to attract quality men and make those men to take care of them or impregnate them. And this is how women are wired.

Women crave male attention and validation constantly. They need to feel desired, wanted and loved all the time. Therefore men (especially attractive men) have incredible influence over women. Men control which women will get the attention and validation that they crave.

That’s why women are afraid of rejection on extreme levels and react way more excessively than men do because for women getting rejection means they are not worthy enough to live and survive in this world. That means they will be left behind. That means death.

That’s why women don’t tend to approach men and don’t initiate even though they desire and want the guy really bad.

They want men to do it because they want to feel wanted, they don’t want to be ignored and rejected. That crashes their soul. That makes them highly insecure, angry, bitter and depressed.

As i mentioned before how women are very sexual and promiscuous beings actually.

But this doesn’t mean that they aggressively approach or chase attractive men and convince them to have sex with them.

Some women do that but generally women’s sexual aggressiveness little bit more passive than men’s is.

They chase men and sex indirectly. They throw themselves out there, they wear sexy clothes and then they try to get attention from attractive men. (If they get it from unattractive men they get mad and sad.)

Women don’t want attention from all men. They don’t want to be desired and wanted by any man. They want attention from quality, attractive men.

They want to be wanted and desired by them. They want to be chased by them. They want only those men to approach them. They want to feel little bit special.

They literally crave the feeling of being desired more than sex itself in many times.

They want men to initiate and show how much they really want them.

The reason for this, after sex women have the risk to get pregnant and instinctively they seek out commitment therefore they don’t want to convince and chase attractive men to have sex with them. They don’t tend to be with any random attractive man. Yes women are hardwired to get quality genes from them but still they want to be with the ones who really want them and desire them. They want to be with the ones who make them feel little bit special. They want to be with the ones who chase them.

This is just female nature. They can’t separate sex from emotions much.

Men’s sexual desire is very mechanical. It’s purely physical and it’s very direct. But women’s is little bit more emotional and responsive.

When women flirt with an attractive, quality man and when that man shows his desire women can’t help themselves.

They get aroused, they feel the need to have sex with him in a short time. They think about him all the time. They get addicted to that feeling of being wanted. The desire to be desired is so ingrained in them.

It’s just their core nature.

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