Why women want attractive men to be confident and sexual?

Attractive, good looking men have a very high value in women’s eyes.

Because women have limited number of eggs and they invest a lot of time to raise their offspring. Therefore they had to get the best genes in order to make their investment worthwhile.

They had to get the most quality sperm. They are evolved like that. Therefore they are way more pickier than men are.

There are not much attractive, good looking guys around. They are minority. Women only find few men sexually attractive enough to have sex with.

That’s why women highly adore and desire attractive men. They go extra miles for them, they do anything to be with them, they try to get attention by them all the time and when they get the opportunity to have sex with them they tend to not miss their chance. They act open and willing as a result of that. They make things easier for them.

Because women are hardwired to get quality genes whenever the opportunity arrives.

Therefore women want attractive men to be confident. They want attractive, good looking men to approach them and be sexual with them.

Women love this. They create opportunities for attractive men.

When an attractive guy approaches a woman and try to be sexual with her, women call that flirting. Because that’s what women want already, that’s their purpose of existence. But if an unattractive guy acts like that women call it sexual harassment. That’s how they feel unfortunately.

Women crave healthy, superior genes. Always…

Average looking, mediocre men are everywhere. Women don’t need or want to get genes from them much. They don’t tend to have short term relationships with them. They don’t desire them much. These average men don’t spark strong sexual desire on women.

But women highly desire attractive men and they want to be with them. They want to have sex with them all the time. Women are highly sexual beings actually. They are far more hornier and kinkier than you know actually.

When women interact with tall, handsome, genetically superior men they feel intense sexual urge, they feel arousal. Because they are hardwired to feel that way.

If those attractive men act shy or timid women don’t understand this. They think why they are that much shy or timid. They don’t understand why they don’t approach or give attention to women.

Because women always expect handsome, attractive men to be confident and sexual. They always expect them to have sex with many women. Because they know every single woman desire them and want to have sex with them.

And if an attractive man acts timid or shy it doesn’t make any sense to them. Women think he’s wasting his superior, quality genes.

Women give average men sex conditionally. Those men have to make a lot of money and buy women gifts and dinners, they have to commit and show how much they love them in order to get sex.

But women give attractive men sex unconditionally and willingly. A guy can be broke and little bit dumb but if he is hot then women will have sex with him willingly and passionately. They will be highly kinky.

But they will withhold sex and make rules for average guys. Even if a guy is rich and have high status if he is not attractive and hot enough then women will want to be with him for his money or status. They won’t desire him deeply. They will force themselves to feel attracted to them.

I’ve talked about that before how money and status alone won’t be enough for creating sexual attraction with women.

Sexual attraction is mostly about looks. And if you are good looking enough women will desire you, they will live for you. They will dream about you. They want to get quality genes from you.

On the other hand women want unattractive men to be asexual. They want them to stay away from women because getting genes from them will be deadly for them if you think about the investment and resources they will waste. Even if they don’t think like this consciously but subconsciously they think and feel like this.

They want unattractive men to be shy, timid and insecure. Because they want them to stay where they are. They expect them to be like that because they know these guys don’t get much success with women. That’s why when unattractive men act confident or assertive women call them creepy or pervert. They get repulsed by their behaviors, they get triggered because they want them to stay passive. They don’t want them to approach women. They try to tear down their confidence. Because worst nightmare of women is unattractive men spreading their poor genes to a lot of women. Women are disgusted by this idea.

But the opposite, they want attractive men to be confident and courageous. They encourage them. They hype them up. Subconsciously they want them to spread their superior genes.

That’s why just personality isn’t enough and will never be. Looks always matter more than anything.

When women say “they love and desire confident guys” they actually mean they want attractive guys to be confident.

They try to say that they want handsome, attractive men to act confident and approach them and be sexual with them. They want them to show their desire and interest.

Because personality is tied to person’s looks. You can’t be completely objective about personality. That’s why women always think handsome, good looking men are more confident, assertive, intelligent and funny. This is a halo effect. No one can escape from that.

Throughout the whole history only few percentages of men impregnated the majority of women and passed on their genes.

We instinctively know this. This is how our species become stronger and better. Attractive, healthy, high quality men passed on their genes and women want those men to impregnate them.

They are gatekeepers of the gene pool. That’s why they are very cautious about who to have sex with.

They want attractive, quality men’s genes to carry on to the next generation. They worship these men. They try hard to be desired by them.

They live for their attention and validation. Most attractive men aren’t even aware of how important and valuable they are to women.

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