Why Women Love Rich Men? Is Money More Attractive Than Looks?

Okay we will talk about the famous “money attracts women” topic.

Every men knows that women love money or they want rich men. We all know that, we all heard about that.

Even psychologists have written a lot of paper about this.

But here in this article i’m gonna talk about something what you don’t know about women and rich men.

And i’m going to explain to you why women think about money differently than most of you imagine actually.

Women find money attractive. Yeah everyone knows that. And men find money attractive as well. There are men, specially handsome ones that actually search for rich women to marry.

So everyone loves money and finds attractive.

But i know what you will say. Men only go for looks and women find rich men sexually attractive unlike men.

There might be some truth in this.

Because as we mentioned about this countless times women find superior men sexually attractive. Whether it’s good looks, confidence or status women desire superior men.

We know why this is like this because evolution made women that way. They are attracted to power and confidence.

Therefore, money makes a man powerful and gives him a source of confidence, it gives status therefore that man becomes more attractive to women not only as a long term partner but in a sexual way.

So when a man has money he gains status, potential of dominance and source of confidence and those are sexy to women.

BUT there is a big but; if that man has enough amount of looks and masculinity.

Yes, we are always coming to this over and over again. We’ve talked about this when i explained what is the most important factor when it comes to sexual attraction. (You can check here to go to that article.)

Yes, looks and masculine personality traits are the most important things when it comes to sexual attraction not money.

I’m sorry to say this but without having enough looks and masculine personality traits just having money or status doesn’t work and especially on the long run.

Study after study this has been proven. When it comes to sexual attraction which is about healthy, quality genes having an attractive looks matter more than anything.

Because we know this when we look at the number of women who cheat their rich husbands or partners with more handsome, charismatic men.

So when it comes to primal sexual attraction looks and masculine behaviors always come first. They weigh so much. They are the most important factors fundamentally. Status or money come second.

So in order to make money and status work and become powerful over women a man has to have enough amount of looks and masculine behaviors otherwise he will become just a target to use for his resources.

As i mentioned before women have two different mating strategy. They have two needs. First, they want to get resources and commitment from a long term relationship type of man and second, they want to have sex with good looking and masculine aka sexually attractive man.

Well most women prefer to get a man that has both aspects and lucky ones might actually achieve this but many women don’t unfortunately.

So if a man doesn’t have enough looks and masculine personality traits but he is just rich and has a decent lifestyle then what this will make him in women’s eyes?

Just a cash cow of course.

Women may not find him sexually attractive that much or sexual attraction might be shortlived but in this case the sexual attraction is not what women want already.

They are after his money aka his resources. They are attracted to resources. They want to create decent lifestyle, security and opportunities for their children instinctively.

So what i’m trying to say, most of the time women use rich men for their resources to get security, safety and lifestyle from them for both themselves and for their children. They seek out a good provider.

And some of them even cheat their rich husbands behind their back. Some women even get genes from someone else to make baby unfortunately.

Money is a double edged sword. It can give you power, confidence or status. These can make a man sexually attractive in women’s eyes. But money also has resource side. Which can make you open for exploiting.

Women may want to use you for your money, status and lifestyle.

Money is a dangerous weapon to attract women if you are not using it correctly.

Therefore don’t think that only money can make you attractive to women. Don’t believe this lie. Women don’t admit or they are not honest about themselves because they don’t want to lose their power. They want men to stay ignorant about this.

Truth is if you don’t have enough amount of looks and masculine personality traits money is way more dangerous weapon to have. But if you have enough looks and masculinity plus money and status then money will make you even more attractive. It will give you extra boost. It will make you look even more charismatic and therefore sexually attractive.

How do we know all about this? How can we be sure that just money isn’t enough?

Again look at the data. Look at society. “Sugar daddy” term isn’t just some word that people use for nothing. Because we know most of the time women hunt rich men for their money. Especially if those men lack the sexual attractiveness.

There are so many rich, famous male celebrities that women don’t find sexually attractive at all. If it is just about money and status then women would find all male celebrities attractive which is not the case.

Therefore just having money can’t save you. You need other traits as well. Otherwise you will become just a husband material or a guy that can be used easily.

It’s not a bad thing to be husband material but you should seek strong sexual attraction from women also. Because without that women will never adore you and show true love and affection. Without strong sexual attraction women won’t respect you. They won’t see you as a real man.

Which these are what most men want actually. And you can’t buy them with just money.

You may see some rich men with hot girls and they are having wild parties in social media. But those are paid models in order to show off on social media or simply they are just hookers. Or some girls that just seek attention and lifestyle for a short period of time.

If that’s what you want then yes you can simply “buy women” with money.

But in order to build pure sexual attraction you can’t do that. Because it won’t work. In order to build real attraction with women you can’t just rely on money.

You don’t want to be just used for your money and resources. As i said it’s a dangerous weapon to have. Especailly if you are little bit more naive, agreeable type of person some women can sniff that like a dog.

Women even can say “we love rich men, i desire rich men so much etc.” but again if you lack other important traits like looks and masculinity then they say those to just manipulate naive men most of the time.

So don’t rely on money or try to make a lot of money just to attract girls. First, improve your looks and personality. Money can make you attractive or it can improve your sexual value if you have enough looks and personality already.

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