Why women hate needy, desperate men?

Do you know why women don’t desire and actually hate needy, desperate type of men?

In this article we will talk about this.

As we mentioned before women are not only visual but they also care about things like behaviors and status.

They look at your character, masculine personality traits like confidence, assertiveness, dominance.

Therefore when a man acts desperate or needy he becomes less valuable, it shows that he has low status and lacks masculinity.

Think about it. Women are submissive beings by nature and when a man acts needy and desperate, when he puts women on pedestal and does everything and agrees everything that women say and want then he gives his power and dominance to women. He becomes less masculine than them. He becomes this needy, desperate simp type of man.

He becomes more feminine than women.

And it’s impossible for a straight woman to be sexually attracted to a needy, loser type of man like that. It’s impossible.

Women want to be dominated, they want to be with a masculine man. They crave masculine men like they crave air to breathe.

And they know if a man is valuable, if a man is attractive there is no reason for him to act that much needy and put them on pedestal and become doormat for them.

That’s not attractive at all.

No man who has enough self esteem and self worth and self respect would ever act like that. And women know that.

Real men would know their worth and they would value themselves.

They wouldn’t act like a simp, they wouldn’t act like pussy. They wouldn’t be that much submissive, weak and desperate. Instead they would act confident and dominant. They would know that they are attractive and valuable. They would know that they are the man. That’s the kind of men that women desire, admire and respect.

Women desire real men who have self worth and high status. When you act desperate, needy and too available, women think that you are weak, you are a pussy, they don’t see you as a real man. They don’t see you masculine enough. They don’t respect you. They see you like an another woman and they lose all their sexual attraction no matter how you look.

So don’t be too available, don’t do everything that women want and say, don’t put them on pedestal, don’t be an emotional tampon, don’t be a pussy. Don’t give them too much attention. Be a real man. Don’t value women more than yourself. Don’t act like you are worthless and like you have low status.

Be a confident, masculine, high value guy.

Of course show your desire, show your interest to women, because women want to be desired and wanted and they wanna see that.

But don’t do that excessively. Don’t act too needy and desperate. Don’t be a simp. Have balance in your relationships.

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