Why women find aggressive men more attractive than shy men?

Generally women find assertive, little bit aggressive men more sexually attractive than shy, agreeable, nice men.

And there is a biological reason for that.

Beside good looks which is the major aspect of sexual attraction, also men’s behaviors can make little bit difference.

Because beside their fitness and health, men’s sexual value also comes from their ability to survive and dominate.

Of course good looks indicate a lot of important things about a man’s genetic quality like strength and health and also it can even give signals about his personality as well due to halo effect.

Looks are the most important indications of genetic fitness and health.

We have talked about this before when i explained why looks are always more important than personality. At the end, looks are the most important things when it comes to sexual attraction we’ve talked about this countless times in this blog.

But in this article i will talk about behaviors and why certain behaviors are more sexually attractive to women.

Generally aggressive, assertive men are more sexually attractive to women because these type of men are more likely to survive in a wild environment. They are more likely to dominate their competitors, reach out resources and impregnate majority of women.

Therefore women find that type of men more attractive.

Men who are too passive, insecure, timid and submissive are easy to dominate. They are not that much competitive. They let other men win. They are weak generally. They have low status. Therefore they are losers in the eyes of women. And women don’t want a man like that.

In order to survive in a complex, tough world and achieve success you need to be confident and courageous. You need to be assertive little bit.

Women are already shy, timid and insecure. They don’t need or want another woman like that. They desire a real man who has potential to conquer the world therefore they crave masculinity. They crave that assertive masculine energy.

(That’s why women find men who have masculine jobs sexier. Pilot, CEO, soldier, policeman or firefigther or surgeon are all masculine careers therefore women tend to find them sexier.)

Generally women don’t desire nice guys. But of course when we talk about niceness we talk about passive, submissive, overly agreeable type of “nice guys”. Not confident, assertive, masculine men who are also nice.

Women don’t desire “nice guys” because they act weak, desperate and timid. They are too shy. They look and act harmless. They look like asexual beings who have no testosterone in their body.

Problem isn’t because they are nice, problem is they are overly nice and submissive. They are way too passive. And these kind of behaviors look too feminine and weak. Therefore women don’t find these behaviors attractive. They don’t find sexy.

On the other hand assertive, confident, dominant type of men (bad boys) act masculine. They are courageous and decisive. They get what they want. They are hunters. And women find them attractive, they find them sexy.

Because, testosterone play an important role in this.

As i said before, women find men who have quality, healthy genes sexually attractive. And healthy men would have enough amount of testosterone in their body. Also testosterone tend to make men more aggressive, competitive, dominant and assertive, it makes men act more sexual. It increases men’s libido. Therefore aggressiveness in men indicates healthy amount of testosterone and that indicates quality, healthy genes that are able to survive in nature.

Timid, insecure, sensitive, passive men might have low testosterone. Therefore women don’t find them genetically fit and healthy enough. They don’t find them sexually attractive enough.

Of course in order to make aggressive, assertive behaviors sexy, a man has to have decent enough looks already. This is a law that we can not change.

Because if a man looks unattractive and still tries to act assertive and masculine then women will find his assertiveness and masculine behaviors repulsive. Probably they will get triggered by his behaviors. They will call him creepy or pervert. Because women don’t want unattractive men to act confident. They don’t believe their confidence. They don’t want their genes.

Because the most important thing and most fundamental thing about sexual attraction is looks not behaviors. Oftentimes women look at men’s behaviors after they evaluate their looks. Also they get highly influenced by men’s looks and can’t evaluate their personalities objectively.

Women want attractive men to be and act confident, this is a fact. They hate it when unattractive men act assertive because they think they are faking it or overcompensating.

Because women don’t expect unattractive men to act confident. They don’t expect them to be successful. They know these men oftentimes get negative feedback from women. Therefore women expect them to be insecure, timid, desperate losers. But on the other hand women expect tall, handsome men to be confident and act little bit cocky. They expect them to be successful. They expect them to be bad boys. Because they know they get massive amount of female attention, they know they have sex with a lot of women and they get positive feedback all the time therefore why wouldn’t they be confident? Why wouldn’t they act assertive?

Therefore if a man is very good looking and has all the masculine physical features then he doesn’t need to show a lot of masculine behaviors or any charm due to halo effect. Because most women will assume that he has a great, confident personality already. That’s the power of looks.

Generally masculine behaviors make little difference. They are important but not fundamental. Overall they can increase men’s sexual attractiveness. Just like men desire women who act feminine, women desire men who act masculine. This is a basic biology.

If a man has decent looks but for some reason if he is really insecure and shy, too passive or timid, if he acts effeminate or overly nice and needy then he may lose his sexual attractiveness.

Of course you don’t have to be super assertive, hyper-masculine, aggressive type of guy.

Because majority of women judge about your looks more than your behaviors. Even they say they value personality or behaviors more than looks they actually highly get influenced by men’s looks and most studies prove this.

Masculine behaviors may be important but looks are much more important.

Therefore you don’t have to be a complete jerk or a bad boy. You don’t need any extra aggressiveness. You just have to have enough amount of assertiveness which most healthy men already have.

Therefore behaviors don’t matter much unless you are on extremes.

Niceness <——|——–|—-> Aggressiveness

If you are in the middle section at this chart, If you have healthy amount of aggressiveness and niceness, if you are masculine enough then what you need is better looks not any extra aggressive behaviors.

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