Why do women feel uncomfortable when unattractive men talk about sex?

Have you ever noticed that women don’t want unattractive men to talk about or even mention about sex?

They either shame those men for mentioning sex or they get really angry and feel under attack.

Some people call this “beta shaming” or “beta male sahming“.

I don’t like beta or alpha terminology in humans because it is useless and overused most of the time.

But in this context what it’s trying to say is truth.

First, you have to know that women and men are different. No matter how hard the media is trying to brainwash us, this is a fact.

Men don’t get pregnant and don’t invest in parenting as much as women.

Also men can have unlimited amount of children but women can’t. They have limited number of eggs.

So what this creates for women that they try to and have to reach for the most quality genes that they can get. And while doing this they have to avoid and discard the weak genes so they won’t waste their resources.

Because if women get pregnant by weak, unattractive men they will end up investing and spending their years and very limited resources for a child that has no or very little survival advantage.

This alone could wipe out our species. Because humans have to be healthy and fit for survival. And women are responsible for that. They have to let healthy, strong genes in and repel the weak, unhealthy ones so each generation can be healthier and better for survival.

This is a very bad and unfortunate situation for those men but this is how life works in the end.

Therefore when unattractive men talk about sex directly to a woman or indirectly in a group environment even mentioning about sex generally not even in an offensive way still women will get triggered and feel under attack.

Women can’t tolerate the thought of unattractive men being sexual. It comes as gross to them. They can’t even imagine about this. Not just for themselves but they don’t want unattractive men to even initiate with other women as well.

Therefore what they do is that they try to shame and punish unattractive men for being or talking about being sexual. They brainswash them or punish them through public humiliation so they will never approach to them nor other women. That way they guarding the gene pool.

You can see this everywhere. In TV, in your neighborhood or in your city. You can see this all the time. Women can walk and shout slogans about how they don’t want to be seen as sex objects, how they don’t want any male attention while they try to get attention and want to be seen as a sexy desired woman by attractive men.

Men can’t understand this. Then they may say i don’t get it women are weird or complicated. But they are not.

Women just have a double standart for different men.

A handsome, attractive man can say a lot of sexual things or “jokes” to the point it’s almost harassment but most women might giggle, laugh and say how cute they are. They may even feel special and desired because of this. Because that was all their purpose. Being desired by quality, attractive men. That’s women’s purpose.

This double standard can seem as weird and odd thing i know but this is how the female brain is wired.

They simply don’t want to get unquality genes but on the other hand they compete ruthlessly to be chosen by attractive men.

So attractive men’s sexual behavior will be seen as cute, nice and even funny. But unattractive men’s behavior will be seen as gross and creepy.

It’s not that women don’t like sex at all but actually it depends on the guy.

Women can be very sexual, very kinky with an attractive guy to the point actually the guy gets annoyed.

Actually women can even force an attractive man to be sexual with them and even get really sad if he doesn’t.

Because women want attractive, handsome men to be sexual with them. That’s their end goal. To be desired and wanted by them.

That’s why unattractive men can say women don’t love sex, they hate sex etc. but in reality women simply shame and avoid them.

Of course women will never talk about this or admit this it’s not good for them. In matter fact they don’t even aware of their own attitude.

Because they follow their feelings and urges most of the time. That’s why when you tell them about this they deny or get very angry because you attack to their very own nature.

But it is truth. Women want unattractive men to be sexless. They want them to be harmless so their genes will never get passed on to next generation.

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