Why women can’t and will never respect nice guys?

Women will never respect nice guys. They just can’t. It’s impossible.

It’s not in their nature. No matter how hard women try they can’t see nice guys as a real man.

Women can respect and adore a drug dealer who beats them and fucks them frequently and don’t even care about them much but still they will not feel the same respect and admiration and lust to their nice, loving, caring, kind boyfriends or husbands. Deep down they will not see them as a true man.

It’s weird for men to comprehend this but women are different.

Of course what i really mean when i say nice is being overly nice. I’m talking about men who are sensitive, emotional and agreeable. I’m talking about guys who worship women and put them on pedestal. I’m talking about guys who do everything and say anything to please their woman. The guys who have no backbone. The guys who have no toughness in them, the guys who have no masculinity.

I’ve explained before why women don’t desire those type of nice guys much.

It’s because nice guys act way too submissive and timid therefore they look weak. They act like they have no masculinity. They look harmless.

Women don’t think that these guys have superior, quality genes enough to survive and reproduce successfully in this world. (Because testosterone makes a male more dominant, aggressive, confident and competitive and also it increases libido, makes a guy sexually aggressive. All of these indicate that having quality genes that are able to survive. On the other hand low testosterone can cause insecurity, lack of confidence, depression, high agreeableness, low libido or softness like most nice guys have.)

Men have to understand that women are biologically hardwired to be led. They crave a leader, an authority figure. They crave masculinity. Because they are submissive in nature.

And according to studies the number one sexual fantasy of women is being dominated aggressively by a masculine, bad boy type of man.

And when a man acts submissive, effeminate, overly thoughtful and caring and too nice or timid women subconsciously think that he is gay. They subconsciously and instinctively think that he is not a man to listen and respect.

They can’t help it. Their brains are wired like that.

You would be shocked if you knew how many women feel like this even to their husbands and boyfriends.

As we mentioned countless times women have dual mating strategy.

They crave sex from sexually attractive men (good looking and masculine) and they crave commitment, stability and resources from nice, loyal, caring type of men.

Most women can’t find a guy who has everything therefore they instinctively play this strategy and most of the time women get married with nice, caring men but they don’t respect and desire them much sexually.

Women make nice guys wait for sex for months and they create rules and conditions for nice guys. But they give it so easily and quickly to attractive men. They break all their rules and conditions for them.

When women interact and flirt with sexually attractive men long enough they feel the need to have sex with them. Their logic fades away and they think with their urges. They can’t help it.

Most men live in a dream world. They live in a matrix world. They think women will adore, respect and love them if they treat them nice enough and do everything for them.

But women don’t and never will. Women don’t care.

It’s like giving a lion broccoli. It doesn’t make any sense. Because lions don’t care about broccolis, they don’t get excited about it just like women don’t care about being a nice person. Because you are suppose to be nice already. It’s just a default trait for everyone.

Women can’t respect nice guys. They can lust after criminals and felons and gangsters but not nice guys. It’s impossible. You can be nice person and women can desire you but not because your niceness or kindness but because of your good looks and masculine attitude.

Women just don’t see nice guys as a man. They think they are just an another female friend.

Women highly crave masculine men. They crave little bit assertive, dominant attitude which most nice guys don’t exhibit any. Women crave charismatic, assertive men.

Women expect men to be sexual and chase and have a lot of girls. Women love a man who is sexually aggressive and fucks a lot of girls. Women hate sexually timid, too proper, virgin type of men. That’s not manly at all. That indicates low status. Women want men (attractive ones) to be little bit kinky. Why do you think women love fuckboys or playboys so much? Why do you think they all lust after them? It’s because of this.

Women can’t understand how can any guy who has balls be sensitive, emotional and too proper like that. They can’t understand why nice guys worship them and act too desperate. They don’t understand why they are so timid and shy. They think these are just feminine behaviors.

Women will never feel that raw lust and sexual excitement to nice guys. They will always cheat on them. They will use them as an emotional tampon or as their last hope. They will use their resources and the comfort that they provide. Women can’t feel a strong sexual attraction towards nice guys. It’s just basic biology.

A loving, caring, nice man can do anything for his woman, he can be the most respectful and loving partner but still she may not find him sexually attractive. Still she can cheat on him.

Women don’t want to be leaders. They don’t want to be on pedestal. They want to be led, they want to be dominated. They want to give up from all responsibility and be with masculine men who lead and dominate. Even though they can’t admit they don’t want exactly equal partners.

You don’t have to be this hyper masculine, super aggressive type of bad guy though. Just being normal masculine, assertive guy is enough in many times.

Nice guys are exactly the opposite of this.

They are just like women and women see them just like that.

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