Why women are way more picky than men are in terms of looks?

“Women aren’t visual, they are emotional.”

“You need to build emotional connection and be a romantic, loving man and say the right words if you want to have sex with women.”

“Women don’t care about looks.”

“Looks don’t matter, it’s all about confidence and personality.”

“Women care about money and status not looks.”

We all heard things like these. But most of them are just lies or myths unfortunately.

Saying things like “women don’t care about looks” or “looks don’t matter” are just another ways of saying that “i don’t know anything about biology and human nature”.

Because not only that women care about looks but also they care about looks way way more than men do especially when it comes to sexual selection.

Looks are incredibly important and they are the most important things when it comes to sex and sexual attraction. They are the number one indication of genetic fitness.

Men’s behaviors might matter but most of the time looks are the major factor in sexual selection.

The reason of women are extremely picky in terms of looks and way more picky than men are because women have much much greater investment and responsibility when it comes to sex and producing an offspring.

Because throughout their lives men can have thousands of children but women don’t have that chance.

They can only have couple children because they have to carry their babies nine months and then take care of them until they reach certain age. Women need to spend a lot of time and resources.

Therefore having sex with any male or with an average male will not produce the best results that women actually seek.

Women had to get the most quality sperm. They had to get the best genes that they can get.

And because there are almost infinite numbers of sperms women had to pick the best ones in order to produce healthy, strong offspring.

On the other hand men aren’t that much picky when it comes to sexual selection because they don’t have much to lose. They can pass on their genes at anytime with little effort. They don’t have the same amount of investment that women have.

That’s why women are hypergamous and extremely picky in terms of sexual selection.

They sexually desire only few percentages of men. They desire genetically superior men. Men that are highly attractive in terms of looks.

Women feel intense sexual urge towards these men because they are highly interested to have sex with them. They desire their superior genes. These males spark strong arousal on women when they interact with them.

Because if a woman has any opportunity or a chance to have sex with a sexually attractive man, most likely she will take that chance.

She won’t miss that great chance because women’s sexual strategy depends on getting attention and being desired by sexually attractive men so they can access to their superior genes. This is their purpose.

Women will always make things easier for attractive males, they will always be more open and flirtatious with them. They will take greater risks and work harder in order to be with them. Women act highly submissive and receptive towards attractive men.

Because if women can’t impress these attractive males they can’t achieve that maximum results that they seek.

That’s why women care about looks more than men do. That’s why women are highly selective and perfectionists when it comes to sex.

They have high standards in terms of male attractiveness.

And a lot of studies prove this. Women find only few percentages of men attractive and they find rest of them below average, not even average. (Either you are superior to women or inferior. For women there is no between.)

Because women are not interested in having sex with average males. They desire the top males.

They are not interested in mediocrity. They crave high quality.

Therefore women don’t feel strong lust and sexual attraction towards average men.

On the other hand men are not as picky as women are in terms of looks. They can find a lot of different variety of women attractive, they are not strict as women are.

This is the basic human nature. This is our biology. When you look at the data you will see that across the whole human history only few percentages of men passed on their genes and impregnated majority of women. And this is the reason.

Therefore when it comes to sexual selection looks matter and it’s even matter more to women.

As we concluded men can find a lot of women sexually attractive. Little bit short or tall, skinny or curvy, men desire a lot of different variety of women. But women are very strict about this. Typically they desire tall men who have masculine facial features with decent facial symmetry and who are also fit and have good body frame. They desire high genetic quality. They seek out genetically superior males.

Because women don’t need to have sex with a lot of random men. They are not interested in any ordinary male. If women can get quality genes from few top males and have children from them, then women can focus on raising those children and maximize their efforts.

This is much better strategy for them. Therefore this is how they evolved.

When it comes to sexual selection, women will always go for the best option that they have. And the more options they have the more picky they will become. This is the law.

But men go for quantity. They try to have sex with as many women as possible. They have standards too when it comes to looks but not as much as women are.

I know what you will say. If women are this much picky why we see a lot of average men and even below average looking men with decent women?

Well, average men play a significant role when women seek out long term commitment and security.

If average men have resources and willingness to commit, if they are willing to provide women comfort, emotional and financial stability and lifestyle then women will get in long term relationships and get married with them but still they won’t feel strong sexual desire and admiration towards them. They can cheat on them easily with handsome, sexually attractive men when they have the opportunity.

Because even though women “love” their long term partners, even they feel emotional connection towards them still they may not feel strong lust and sexual desire to them. Because emotional attraction and sexual desire aren’t the same things.

Women have dual mating strategy.

They can get quality genes from one guy while they get commitment and resources from another guy. Because sexually attractive men get so much sexual attention from women, they get so many sexual opportunities that they become unreliable for the long term partnership. They don’t provide much comfort and stability that women seek on the long run.

Therefore a lot of women end up with these average males to get commitment and take care of their children.

This is women’s nature.

Therefore looks matter. They matter a lot.

If you want real sexual attraction from women, if you want women to be highly kinky with you and desire you in a very short period of time, if you want women to have passionate sex with you, adore you and respect you then you need to be a good looking male.

You need to be genetically superior.

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