Why women are more sexual and hornier than you think actually?

Some men believe that women aren’t that much sexual, they don’t get horny a lot and they even think that women don’t need sex.

This is very old thinking of course. This type of thoughts mostly come from men who don’t have much success and experience with women.

But in today’s society you can even see women express their sexuality openly, they lust after handsome actors and singers, they have many casual sex like men and they talk about sex as much as men do.

But unlike men women chase sex more secretly and indirectly because of social norms.

Sometimes even though women want and need sex really bad still they don’t act directly. They can play passive.

Of course generally men have higher sex drive than women and men think sex more than women and testosterone plays a really important part in this. But there is not that much high gap between sex drives actually.

Because women are highly sexual beings too. And i will explain why.

Generally when people talk about women’s sexual strategy they say that women produce one egg every single month and men produce millions of sperm everyday or every other day so men are designed to have sex frequently but women don’t need that much.

This is very basic thinking of course.

Humans are way more complex than that.

First of all, you have to know that the ovulation is hidden in women unlike any other animal species. There are a lot of theories about why this is like this but most logical one is, it helps women to secure a male and make him commit. Because if men know exactly when women ovulate, when they are fertile then they would give attention only at that time.

In matter fact, even women can’t tell when they will ovulate, when they are fertile exactly.

Even today’s age, with the help of technology and science still it is very hard to predict the exact time of ovulation. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly the moment of ovulation.

And if you think about cavewoman, it’s even harder for them to understand when they will ovulate exactly.

Therefore women had lots of sex throughout the whole month. They had sex frequently to make sure they will get pregnant. And their sex drive evolved according to that.

Because if you think about it, having less sex especially when you don’t know exactly when you will ovulate is a huge risk to take.

If one woman has sex only couple times a month and other one has sex more frequently let’s say 3 or 4 times a week then second one will be more likely to get pregnant and pass on their genes on to the next generation.

Therefore evolution will reward the second woman not the first one. Waiting the perfect moment to have sex in a very narrow period of time is highly risky thing to do and decreases the chance of women getting pregnant on great amounts.

Also sperms can live inside of a woman up to 3 or 4 days on maximum time therefore women are literally designed to have sex frequently to make sure they have fresh sperm cells in them to catch the right moment. They needed to have sex constantly in order to get pregnant.

And their hormones and sex drives evolved according to that. Based on polls and interviews most women want to have sex at least 3 to 4 times a week if not daily. They crave sex like men crave it. (Although generally men crave it little bit more.)

Also women feel strong lust when they interact or flirt with sexually attractive men. It’s like they don’t want to miss the chance of getting quality genes from them. They don’t want to make those high value men wait too much because they instinctively know that those men have many other options to choose from and they can leave and give attention to other women at anytime. Therefore they feel the need to have sex with them quickly. They are wired like that.

Therefore women can do anything to be with those men, they adore them and try to please them and make them stay.

They can fly across the country just to be with them. That’s how much women feel sexual attraction and lust towards that kind of men.

When we add all these factors together we can tell easily that women are very very sexual beings.

Women aren’t even monogamous. They can be with a lot of different attractive men to get their quality genes.

I’ve mentioned about this before when i explained women’s dual mating strategy.

Women need one guy for safety, security and resources and other guy(s) for quality genes. Most women prefer to get both from the same guy but many women can’t actually so they end up playing the dual mating strategy.

Long story short, women are very sexual creatures and they are designed by nature exactly like that from the beginning.

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