Why personality has little to no affect when it comes to sexual attraction?

Unless you are overly shy, timid, passive, socially awkward or effeminate, if you are just a normal guy who has average social skills and enough amount of confidence then your personality has little to no affect in terms of sexual attraction.

I’ve talked about before how certain behaviors like assertiveness and dominance can make you more sexually attractive to women.

But the thing is, if you don’t look attractive enough, if you don’t look masculine enough, if you look weak and feminine, if you have soft facial features instead of rugged ones then your “masculine behaviors” won’t work and it will look repulsive or fake to majority of women. They will never buy it. They won’t be impressed about it.

That’s why personality doesn’t have much affect when it comes to sexual attraction.

Because women and all people judge men’s personalities and behaviors based on how they look.

Tall, masculine, good looking men will create an assertive, strong, dominant impression.

Short, fragile, unattractive looking men will create a passive, submissive, timid impression.

And that impression you create on others will be your personality and behaviors. Even though you don’t have that kind of personality women and other people will think that you have one.

Because that’s how our minds work.

A lot of times women think that they are sexually attracted to behaviors and personality, they think they are attracted to confidence, they always say “confidence is sexy” but in matter fact they are attracted to masculine, good looks. They get influenced by looks.

A man’s looks give that confident, assertive, dominant vibe.

Because when an unattractive or weak looking guy acts assertive or masculine they call him creepy or fake or they just laugh at him. They don’t believe him. They think he is overcompensating or just trying to impress women. They think he has no reason to be assertive. Because he doesn’t look like one.

(When you see a man like this above, you instantly think he is timid, passive and submissive because he has recessed facial features. Just because he looks weak. Any assertive, dominant behavior will look fake or repulsive on this man.)
(When you look at this man, you think he is powerful, dominant and assertive just because he has prominent, masculine facial features. Any behavior this man exhibits will look confident and dominant naturally.)

Therefore your words, your behaviors don’t matter much in terms of sexual attraction, how you look and what impression you give is the most important.

Looking confident and aggressive is way more powerful than acting confident and aggressive. Looking strong and masculine is way more powerful than just acting masculine.

If you look at the picture above, guy on the left looks confident, dominant and aggressive. And even that guy does nothing, showing no behaviors still women will say that he is confident, he is successful and dominant.

And the guy on the right looks weak and small, he looks timid and passive. He looks harmless. And no amount of aggressive, confident masculine behaviors will make him look more manly because women will not believe it. They will instantly judge him, they will judge his personality and behaviors based on the impression they get from him. And they will expect him to act certain way.

That’s why your personality and behaviors has little to no affect in terms of sexual attraction.

Aggressive, dominant masculine behaviors will only work or they may increase your sexual attractiveness when you have masculine, good looking appearance already.

And this has been proven by many studies. When women rate men’s personality they get affected by their looks and can’t evaluate objectively.

Personality and looks go hand in hand. They affect eachother. If you are 2 or 3 in terms of looks you can’t make your attractiveness 6 or 7 with just your behaviors. It doesn’t work like that and studies prove this.

If you looks harmless, weak or passive, if you look unattractive no amount of “masculine behaviors” will make any difference because you will simply look fake or your behaviors will create discomfort in women.

Confidence and masculine behaviors may increase your sexual attractiveness when you already look confident. When you have masculine, attractive looks already.

Tall, fit, good looking guy will naturally look confident and assertive. He doesn’t need to show much behaviors. If he is not extremely submissive, passive or effeminate, if he has normal masculine behaviors like any normal man then he doesn’t need any extra personality.

Because his looks will create that confident, successful, assertive aura.

And that’s what women mean when they say “confidence is sexy” or “he has that sexy aura” or “i desire funny guys” etc.

They try to say that “his good looking appearance is looking confident, his good looks give positive, strong energy or anything he says is funny to me because of his good looks”.

That’s the truth.

A man’s looks spark feelings in women not his behaviors. Same behaviors and personality traits can get completely different results with a different looking guy.

Therefore without having an attractive, masculine looks you can’t just act strong and masculine. You have to look good and strong before acting like that.

Because otherwise you will make women feel confused, they will get triggered by you, they won’t understand the source of your confidence.

A man’s personality might matter and play an important role especially when women are looking for long term partnership and emotional connection. When they look for stability and security.

But when it comes to sexual attraction your personality has very little affect or it is just irrelevant in many times.

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