Why don’t women want attention from unattractive men?

Women live for attention, they crave to be desired, they crave to be loved on extreme levels.

That’s how they get a man, that’s how they make him stay around because if a man doesn’t really desire them or interested in them they can’t get commitment and quality genes from him.

But sometimes when women get attention they get really sad and angry. Thy get triggered.

Most men can’t understand this behaviour. How can they die for attention and hate it at the same time?

But there is a big reason behind this behaviour.

Yes, women love and desire to be desired and want to get male attention but they simply don’t want from unattractive men.

Men aren’t mean towards women that they don’t find attractive because men don’t have anything to lose. But women are different.

Men produce millions of sperm every single day but women lay only one egg every single month.

Women get pregnant and carry children not only that they spend their years and resources to raise them.

But men only waste their couple minutes.

Men have nothing to lose but women have a lot to lose.

If women get pregnant by an unattractive men that has no survival advantage or attractiveness that means women have to spend years and tons of resources for almost nothing.

If every women do that then each generation will be weaker and weaker and human species will be vanished from the world.

You can say we have nothing to survive from in modern world but our instincts come from deep evolutionary programming which they are coming from millions of years ago.

We evolved in a wild, dangerous environment and getting weak, unattractive genes in that kind of environment was deadly for women and also for humanity.

Women are responsable for the wellbeing and reproduction of our species. They are the gatekeepers.

Therefore they have defense mechanisms for unattractive men. They don’t want genes from every man. They don’t see every man worthy enough to carry on to next generation.

They simply want to get the healthiest, strongest, most attractive genes that they can get. In order to get that they have to be desirable and get attention by the men that they perceive attractive and healthy but while doing this they want to repel men that they think unattractive.

That’s why men can’t understand this. Women have double standart when it comes to mating.

They can give themselves easily to men that they perceive attractive but they can be mean and angry towards men that they find unattractive.

It’s an evolutionary instinct. They don’t want unhealthy, unattractive, weak genes it means death for them.

That’s why they play games, act weird. They try to understand you, they try to put you in a category.

If you are blessed with good looks they can put you instantly into attractive men category and act nice and flirtious towards you.

But if you are average looking man, they don’t know you so they will be extra cautious.

They will ask you a lot of questions to understand your true nature.

Because they will search for traits like confidence, dominant manly attitude or intelligence and good social skills. Because these have value for them.

If you act weak and timid or socially awkward they will think that you are waste of their time and not worthy so they will leave.

Sometimes they even try to destroy your confidence so you never approach any woman like that.

They do this to make sure you will never initiate any woman. Because they think you have no value. (That’s their opinion of course every woman has their own preference. One can find you attractive while other one doesn’t.)

Of course they do this out of instinct. They don’t even think or aware of the situation. They just do the things that mother nature programmed into them.

Now, as i said just because one woman find you unattractive doesn’t mean all of them also will.

It is just human nature to assume everyone thinks or sees the world like them.

Therefore if a man gets rejected he shouldn’t get discouraged easily. Just playing the numbers game is men’s game. Nature made this way.

Men are hunters and not every shot will get you the meat. This is the nature of hunting so you shouldn’t be get discouraged by every woman.

Women are woman and they will always follow their urges and feelings.

As a man you are hunter so you should play the hunter’s game.

And also work on your confidence and social skills to increase your value.

Have a decent fashion style. Eat healthy and do some fitness.

That way you will become more and more attractive to women and therefore you won’t picked up by the female defense mechanism.

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