Why Don’t Women Respect Some Men?

Women are hypergamous in nature. It means they are looking for superior men. They want men that are better than them.

Throughout the all human history, females were dependent on males to survive. They couldn’t survive on their own.

You can say, well women do survive on their own we live in a safe, advanced society but i’m talking about hundreds of thousands years ago when the world was a wild, brutal place.

We have a safe, advanced society maybe only for 30 to 40 years.

Men biologically programmed to be hunters, warriors, problem solvers and leaders. Their whole body and brain evolved according to that.

But women on the other hand are nurturers, care givers. They are soft, emotional and delicate beings. They are weak and fragile by default.

They are programmed to take care of children and seek protection and commitment.

So therefore women became highly dependent on men. They needed protection, resources, commitment and attention in order to live and raise their children.

That’s why generally men are taller, more muscular and tougher than women. Because men are programmed to protect and provide. Men are made to lead and dominate.

That’s why when it comes to strenght, accessing resources and survival men are superior. Men can survive on their own easily but women can’t.

This created a huge emotional void in women and made them insecure and dependent to men.

That’s why women are hypergamous. Because they want someone who can protect them and provide them. Someone who’s stronger than them. Someone that they can rely on and feel safe beside them.

That’s why women desire tall and muscular men because they are stronger than women. They are more dominant. They can lead and protect.

Also that’s why women love confident men because they can protect and provide. They can take responsibility, they can confront challenges, they can take risks.

And women respect these men. They see them as a real man. They admire them so much. Therefore they get aroused to them. Women desire masculine men.

Because women crave power. They worship it.

You can see this clearly when women interact differently with short men and tall men.

They can flirt and be very open and they might giggle and do anything for tall men but on the other hand they can be really close and mean towards short men. Because subconsciously they admire and respect tall guys and they don’t respect short guys. Because they don’t actually see them as a real man.

They don’t listen much what they say, they don’t take them seriously much.

This is same with confident vs insecure men. Women respect and admire confident, dominant type of men while they hate insecure, timid, submissive type of men.

Women are hardwired to masculinity, they crave a real man. Just like we all crave and need water or air to live, women crave masculine men to live. They can’t do without men. Both emotionally and physically. Women crave to be desired and loved by those valuable, masculine men.

They know tall, muscular, confident guys have much more survival advantage than short, weak, insecure guys.

They know tall, muscular, confident guys dominate the competition most of the time. And therefore they want genes from these guys not from the weak ones.

Women have strong immune to weakness in men. They can’t tolerate that. Physically, socially or personality wise any weakness repels women.

That’s why women compete with each other so much, that’s why they don’t like each other that much.

Because attractive, high value men are few. Not all men are physically enough, confident, masculine and socially skilled. Most men aren’t like that so women, all women compete each other to be desired and wanted by those few valuable men. It’s like 2 or 3 women go for that 1 man especially when it comes to sexual attraction. It’s a very tough competition for women.

Women want and crave superior men. They live for them. No one can change this.

This might sound against the current cultural thinking but in the end facts are facts.

Generally men are stronger, more disciplined and better at problem solving. That means men are better at survival. They are the natural leaders of the world. They are evolved to dominate and shape the world. This is given them by nature.

And women, even though they don’t admit to themselves but subconsciously they know this and therefore they want men who are stronger them, more dominant and aggressive than them.

They respect and admire those men not the weak, insecure, submissive ones. Not the ones who behave like children.

That’s why women don’t like nice guys. Because nice guys act submissive, timid and passive. They don’t act aggressive and dominant. They are not confident. They are not even sexual that much.

When a man acts sexually timid women see him as a sexless, womanlike guy.

And that’s why women don’t respect them. They don’t see them manly because they don’t act masculine. Therefore they don’t admire them, they don’t see them manly and superior.

They don’t see them as a real man. Because they act like women. And therefore women see them almost as a woman.

Women’s brain work little bit different. Deep down they want to be dominated, they want to be led. They want to be submissive. As i said women want a dominant, superior man.

But when a man is way shorter than women, when a man acts insecure, weak, needy or passive, women subconsciously think that you are even weaker than them and therefore you are not even a man. So as a result they don’t respect you.

That’s what they think.

Sometimes after certain amount of time in the relationship when men start to act weak and submissive or passive, when a woman sees his man’s weaknesses she starts to lose her respect. This happens all the time in long term relationships or marriages. Because this is how female mind works.

Even the most smart, elite, well educated women feel and think this way. Even they look for more dominant, stronger, better or superior men. Because women are the same. They are hypergamous at their core.

On the dominance hierarchy men are at the top, they are above women but not all men of course.

Only high value men. Tall, fit, good looking, masculine and high status type of men.

And women know this. They know they need them more than those men need women. They know they live for high value men’s desire, love and attention. They know almost all women chase those men and dream about them.

That’s how women feel and that’s why they act certain way. That’s why they respect them and not the others.

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