Why don’t women like nice guys? Why aren’t nice guys attractive?

If you had one million dollars to invest and if there were two entrepreneurs to decide who to give your money and if one of them was confident, courageous, aggressive guy that doesn’t care opinions of others and stands up for himself. And the other one was timid, passive guy that always seeks validation and approval from others and can’t say no easily and lets people to use him.

Question is which one would you give your money?

Which person would you invest in?

I know the answer, you know the answer…

Nice guys are just too nice. That’s why they say “nice guys finish last”.

Because they have no spine, they avoid conflict and always try to please others without thinking their own interests first. They are too passive, submissive and agreeable.

World is a very brutal, wild place. Resources are limited and everyone wants their share from it.

Men are made to be hunters, fighters and providers. That means there will be a lot of conflict. That means a lot of competition. Therefore men will always try to be the most dominant and aggressive one so they can access resources more than their competitors.

But nice guys are just too nice for this world. They are too agreeable, they don’t stand up for themselves, they are timid, passive and shy and they don’t confront challenges they simply avoid them. They avoid competition.

They let everyone to use them and influence them easily. They let people to control them.

They don’t act on what they really want. They give up easily. They let others to outcompete them.

Women don’t want that kind of man because these kind of men aren’t manly enough to survive in this world. They don’t succeed at anything. They don’t achieve anything.

They act like woman. They are submissive, passive, timid and shy.

They don’t survive in this world, they get beaten, they get run over by others most of the time.

Nice guys act nice all the time even when they shouldn’t.

Women were dependent on men across all the history of human kind and therefore they want manly, confident, strong man that takes what he wants. Women want men to protect them, provide them but how will nice guys do those things?

They don’t make women feel safe. They act like a woman. And women don’t want a man like that at all.

It’s actually not about being a nice or bad person. It boils down to masculinity. It’s about being confident, aggressive, dominant, courageous guy that knows and gets what he wants.

Confident, aggressive masculine men will always attract girls because they take action. They don’t wait, they don’t afraid, they go and take what they want. They like competition and want to dominate others. Therefore they make women feel desired and safe.

Nice guys are just too shy, timid and passive. They let aggressive men to dominate them, they let others to win. They wait to feel ready most of the time and they miss chances. They play safe, they don’t act so they don’t make women feel desired and wanted. Women even don’t know what nice guys want from them.

Nice guys also act like they are asexual. They are not aggressive at anything so this indicates having low testosterone. Therefore less masculine.

Women desire sexually aggressive men because that indicates having high testosterone and high status. That’s why often times women find playboys or fuckboys attractive. Because these men act sexually aggressive and therefore they look very masculine to women.

Typical nice guy behaviours are just weak. And women have strong immune to any weakness in men.

Women are programmed to seek strong, dominant, agressive (not too much) males which are masculine men.

When women see you the first time beside how you look they always look at your attitude, how you carry yourself, your voice, your movements.

They want to see a confident, assertive, manly attitude.

They want you to be little bit aggressive and dominant. They really do.

Women don’t just look at your height or body or face, they care a lot about your masculinity beside those.

Masculinity is what women are really after.

Remember if you imagine a wild, dangerous world where resources are limited being too agreeable and timid won’t make you survive.

But being aggressive, dominant and courageous will. Taking action will. Being confident and assertive will.

That’s why women like bad boys. Because those men just go after what they want, they are confident, they are masculine. They achieve success more than passive, timid, nice guys.

Women desire a man who is confident and courageous enough to go after what they want. They want men that don’t afraid of competition. Because these men win and succeed.

Nice guys aren’t like this. They can’t even say what they want, they are too shy. They can’t even speak to women that they like, they can’t even say “i like you”. They play safe and passive. They act weak. They can’t lead. They apologize for everything all the time. Therefore nice guys look very harmless.

Women are wired to be led and dominated. They are wired to seek strong men who are achievers. They want men to be little bit dangerous.

Even if you are tall and decent looking but if you act too submissive, passive, insecure or socially awkward women won’t desire you from that point. They really won’t. Women aren’t wired 100% visually like men. They look at your character, your attitude, your movements and actions beside your looks most of the time. They search for masculinity.

Because even you look strong and good on the outside but if you are weak on the inside still you wouldn’t have any survival advantage, you couldn’t access resources as much as the others. A man’s value not only comes from his appearance, it also comes from his personality, his masculine attitude.

Women look at your physique and they use your height, fit body and handsome face as indications of masculinity, they assume you must be a confident guy but when they figure out that you are not, they get turn off. That’s why as a man just having looks isn’t enough in many times. You need to have enough amount of confidence and masculine attitude also to be seen as attractive man by many women.

Nice guys also act needy. They act desperate. They do everything that women says and wants, they always try to please and these kind of desperate attitudes aren’t sexy. That means you are below women. That means you have low status and therefore low value.

Women are hypergamous in nature. They want valuable males not the low value ones.

Top males who have high value, they don’t act needy, they don’t do everything that women wants, they don’t put them on pedestal, they don’t give the control completely. They know their own value, they know they are a man. They know women need them way more than they need women.

They know they are valuable and superior. They know women live for their attention, validation and approval.

Nice guys are also very timid and shy socially. They act weird. They are not confident when they are talking, they can’t express themselves easily, they can’t look people in the eye. And again that indicates they have low status.

Nice guys are just weak all around. They lack confidence, they lack social skills, they lack masculinity and they lack sexually. (These are all signs of having low status.)

Therefore nice guys are boring to women who are hypergamous in nature.

Women don’t want that kind of men. Even men don’t want that kind of friend beside them.

Everyone wants to be with someone who is confident, strong and fun. Everyone wants to be in a winning team. So do women.

Most of the time when a man decides not to be nice anymore he goes full on the other way.

They become this jerk, overly cocky type of men. Which they look even more insecure.

You don’t have to be super bad boy to make women go crazy for you. Just be sure of yourself, be masculine, stand up for yourself, have your own values and be courageous, what ever you want in life act on it. Be a risk taker. Be a confident cool guy. Don’t be spineless, don’t let people to use you easily. Don’t be completely harmless.

Don’t care what other people think, don’t be soft, don’t be a nice guy that everyone pushes around.

Be a man.

That’s the man women want. Because these kind of men succeed in life.

Achievers often times are the ones who take risks. That’s what women are after. They want a man who can take risks.

They want genes from these men. Because these men survive and succeed. These men reproduce and spread their genes.

Nice guys can’t most of the time. They die and vanish easily.

In matter fact women don’t even see nice guys as a real man. They don’t see them masculine. They see them like their “friend” or just like another girl.

This is sad but it’s truth.

Women don’t want to be with weak men, they don’t want to get genes from weak men. They invest so much time and resources to raise a child so they can’t waste it. They are wired by nature to think like that.

That’s why women can’t tolerate nice guys much and they are really mean towards them.

Men have nothing to lose when they have sex but women are different.

Therefore they repel nice guys to not get any weak genes from, they don’t see them genetically valuable enough.

That’s female nature on nice guys. That’s why women don’t desire nice guys at all.