Why do women crave to be desired so much?

Women are driven by their emotions. They want to be desired, they want to be loved, they want to be the center of the attention all the time, non stop…

They want and need to feel these feelings like you and i need to pee when our bladder is full or like we need oxygen to breathe all the time.

Men can’t understand women because we are wired differently.

You have to understand that since from the beginning of our species women were dependent on men to survive and even live in daily basis.

Because we all know women are physically weaker than men. Men are made to fight and hunt. Women are made to nurture and care.

This main difference makes both genders completely different in nature.

Men want to be desired and get attention as well but not as much as and as strong as women.

Men do it for sex, women do it just to live and survive. Women want to feel these feelings so they can be relax and live a normal life.

Therefore this situation opened gigantic void in women’s soul. Just like they crave air to breathe they also crave to get attention, they crave to be desired and loved by men.

If they don’t get these they literally can’t exist because in a wild, dangerous world if men don’t desire and love them then also they won’t protect them, they won’t care about them, they won’t commit. Then those women become all alone to protect themselves which they can’t most of the time. And they get left behind and die.

Therefore women have a very strong need to feel desired, wanted and loved.

Women even use sex and their bodies to get those feelings. Women give sex most of the time just because they want to feel desired and loved by a man that they find attractive.

Men and women seek different things when they go to clubs and parties.

Men seek sex and physical pleasure but women mostly seek attention and validation. They seek to feel desired by a most attractive male in that environment, they want to feel they are the prettiest girl in there, they want to be the one that gets the most attention. They want to feel special. They even have sex to feel the love and desire of men and to feel validated and that’s how they fulfill their emotional needs. That’s how they feel safe and secure.

Women, until they die they will seek attention and validation. They will desire to be desired, need to be needed by men.

When women get older the desire to be desired will grow larger and larger in them. Because they will afraid due to their beauty is fading away. Women can do a lot of things even have sex just to fulfill their emotional needs.

You have to understand that women can’t do it without men. They just can’t. Even though they say the opposite.

Women need men’s attention and approval all the time. They want to please their man, they want to serve their man to feel like a woman, to feel desired. To feel liked. To feel safe.

No matter what they say it doesn’t matter. Because not just only women but all people say a lot of things but actually they mean and do different things in the end.

Women specially want attention from attractive men. They want attention and validation from valuable men. Because a lot of women desire those men and getting attention and being desired by those make them feel special. They feel euphoric.

That’s why women try to get attention from a man who is in a relationship or already taken because that way they feel even more desired because that man desires them even more than their current partner. That way they feel even more special.

No matter what women say, they are hardwired to seek a man. To fulfill their emotional needs.

They are always insecure because of this. They crave to be desired and loved so much that they don’t even think they are enough.

Women’s desire to be desired is so much that they let men do the all work, all the approach so they can feel desired by you. So they can enjoy your attention. So they can really know that you truly want them.

That’s why women don’t initiate first or they don’t approach most of the time even they die for you inside. Because they want you to do it. They want you to take action and show how much you want them.

They play games, they create barriers so you can overcome and make them feel truly wanted. So they can give themselves to you.

That’s female nature in a nutshell. That’s their core. Living for men’s desire and love.

Also they let you to do it so they can see your masculinity, your courage. Women don’t desire timid, insecure guys much because they don’t make them feel wanted. Also it’s because they don’t act manly and confident therefore they don’t much survive in this world. That’s not attractive for them. They desire masculine, confident man who knows what he wants. They want a man who makes them feel desired and special.

That’s why in order to turn women really on you have to show your desire, you have to show that you really want them.

Women are addicted to this feeling. When you don’t show your desire or your interest, when you don’t give them attention enough they will assume you don’t interested in them, you don’t find them sexy or you don’t really want them. So they will leave. Because they won’t feel safe and secure with you.

If you think about it which man would really care and protect a woman and commit to her? The one that shows half-ass desire and not that much interested or the one that really wants and desires her? Which one of them would make women feel secure and loved?

Therefore women would choose the one that really wants them even that guy is less attractive than the other.

Women who cheat their partners cheat because of this most of the time, because they don’t feel the desire and attention from their partners anymore. They think maybe their partners desire someone else. So they search for someone who really cares and wants them more than their current partner so they can feel desired and loved again. They want to feel secure again. (Because deep down subconsciously women think their partner will leave them for someone else and they will be left behind and therefore die so they search for someone new. Someone that really desires them to feel safe and secure again.)

Sex is a physical need for men but most of the time emotional need for women. But when you don’t give your woman sex even she doesn’t need lots of sex she may get really upset and frustrated because she will feel ugly, undesired. She will feel insecure. That’s why most women get really upset when their partner watches porn. They want to be the center of sexual attention, they want to be the most desired so they can get love, so they can survive.

Women know men want lots of sex and they desire sexy women so she wants it from you constantly just to feel like a sexy woman. To feel desired and wanted.

If you are an attractive man to women and if you don’t desire them and give them attention that they crave from you they will feel really sad and angry. They will think why doesn’t he take action towards me, why doesn’t he make a move. They will feel insecure, ugly, undesired. That’s the power that attractive men have over women.

If you don’t talk to them or show your desire and interest, they will think you are either taken or don’t find them attractive enough or you have a big ego. Even you are a little bit reserved person, they won’t think you are like that. They will think you are a confident guy therefore they will expect you to approach them, talk to them and make them feel special. They will crave your attention and validation.

When you are attractive, women will live for your attention and validation all their life. They want to be special for you, they want to make you desire them more than anything. They will try to make you interested in them. They will do even crazy things just so you notice them, desire them. They want you to like them.

Women want to please and serve their man. Even most of them will never admit this but it’s a fact that women have a strong craving to serve and please a man so that man can love, desire and protect them. That’s how they feel like a real woman. That’s how they feel feminine. That’s how they feel desired and fulfilled, that’s how they feel secure.

Women need to be desirable all the time because as i said they didn’t have the ability to survive on their own. They needed men and therefore being dependent on someone created deep anxiety in them. Women are anxious by default. That’s why women need your desire, attention and love to feel safe and secure.

Women crave your desire and attention too much because they want someone who really want them so you can protect them and care about them. If you don’t desire them greatly they know you won’t care about them, you won’t stick around, you won’t protect, you won’t commit. They don’t want to be used just for sex and therefore they seek someone who will really desire and love them.

Remember women get pregnant and carry children and therefore they need a lot of investment and attention from you. Just getting sperm isn’t enough. They need your attention, love, protection, your time and resources. That’s why they need you. That’s why they crave to be desired so much, that’s why they want someone who really desires them so they can survive and be safe. That millions of years programming still exist in them.

Only way to secure those they know you have to show you truly want them. Otherwise you wouldn’t care and leave them for someone else.

That’s how women are wired. Still to this day, deep down emotionally they crave your attention and validation because of this.

That’s why as a man if you want someone then you have to show your passion and desire for her. That’s women’s fuel. That’s how women’s sexuality works. They become open for someone when that person shows he really wants them. He really desires them. That’s how women’s sexual urges get triggered. Not completely visually but also emotionally.

Women live for men. They live for men’s desire, love and attention. They live for these feelings…