Why all women are sluts but don’t want to be seen like one?

Yes, you read it right. All women are sluts just like all men are sex obsessed pigs.

Lol, okay maybe i’m exaggerating little bit but it’s truth.

Women are way more sexual than most people think actually.

A lot of men believe that women aren’t sexual much and they don’t need a lot of sex or they don’t get horny. But this is a very false belief of course. Women are human too.

They have hormones and strong urge to reproduce and pass on their genes like any living being. They are not some sexless, asexual robots.

Just look at Fifty Shades of Grey or Magic Mike type of movies or any erotic content that women consume excessively. They are highly sexual.

In conclusion, women love sex, they need, want and crave sex frequently. They have sex drives.

Shy, religious, prude, introvert or extrovert or crazy doesn’t matter who they are, all women are horny, highly sexual beings just like men. Trust me on this.

But the reason women hide their sexuality and don’t express it much unlike men, is because they don’t want to lower their status in the eyes of society and also they don’t want to give wrong signals to wrong men because they are much more picky due to their nature.

Society doesn’t like to see women as horny sluts of course. They don’t like the idea of women expressing their sexuality aggressively. They don’t want women to express their true nature. (Of course there is an evolutionary instinct behind this.)

And therefore often times women hide their sexuality and don’t talk about openly because of this. They play their game more passively and secretly than men do. They act more subtle about it.

The reason our culture evolved like this, because unlike men women get pregnant and have to seek commitment to take care of their baby.

And if society sees a woman act like a desperate slut and having sex with a lot of men then that woman would have a very hard time to get commitment and resources from men of that society.

Women want to have a lot of sex with attractive men who they get excited sexually and they want to get quality genes from them but also they want commitment and security. They want to get into meaningful relationships. But men typically want to commit virtuous type of women so they can make sure those women carry their children not someone else’s. Men instinctively want to commit their own children. Instinctively they seek paternity. But from women’s point of view, it doesn’t matter that much for them. They don’t care about that as long as they get the genes and commitment. For them, getting genes from attractive men is far more important than caring about the paternity of father.

Therefore women hide their sexuality and play little bit more passively and indirectly than men do.

Women don’t want to lower their status, they don’t want to be seen cheap, easy, desperate or less valuable.

Because beside getting sex, women need to get commitment and resources. They need a man to commit them. They are dependent on society. And they can’t achieve that by making sure everyone sees how much slut and promiscuous they really are. So they have to create an illusion that they are more virtuous than actually they are. Because men care about that a lot.

Women hate and deadly afraid of judgement of other people, especially men. They are deadly afraid of lowering their worth and status. That’s why they always act sneaky and subtle even though they are highly sexual beings. They even hide their slutty, kinky sides from their long term partners to create an illusion that they are “virtuous” woman.

We mentioned before how women have dual mating strategy and how much sexual actually they are.

Women have the instinct to get the best quality genes that they can get therefore they can have short term sex with a lot of attractive men, they can desire a lot of men at the same time. They are open and willing to that.

Also women have the instinct to get commitment and resources to take care of their offspring.

But as we mentioned before over and over again those two types of men aren’t the same men in many times.

If you give a woman free space that she can express her true nature without being judged and couple men to mate with she probably would want to have a lot of sex with the most attractive one (good looking and masculine) and want to have a child from him and then she would try to make him commit. But if he is not willing to commit then she would try to get commitment from average looking, the most loving and loyal ones who she gets along well with.

This is the core nature of women.

And of course it’s against our cultural norm.

Therefore women have to play their game secretly. They learned to tell lies and manipulate to hide their true strategy. They can’t reveal their true desires easily.

Women can’t express their sexuality openly as much as men, they can’t show much about their promiscuous, slutty identity, they can’t show how much horny actually they are because that would hurt their chance of getting commitment and resources from men. That would hurt their status. Because they are afraid of judgement.

(That’s why sometimes even they desire a guy really bad, even they crave sex on great amounts still they don’t tend to initiate for it and expect all the work from men. They want men to take all the responsibility. Because they think about how society will see them, they always try to avoid judgement and play their game passively and in a more subtle way.)

(When you look at women who get free from social judgement by going to a foreign place (like another city or country) they become much more sexual and willing for short term relationships. They express their true sexual desires a lot more easily.)

For women getting into committed relationship and getting security from men as much important as getting quality genes. Therefore they can’t risk this.

They have to hide everything and lie about the number of their sexual partners or how horny and sexual they really are.

But the truth is all women are sluts deep inside. They crave sex like men do. (Although men’s sex drive is little bit higher than women’s.) They just play their game secretly and indirectly in many times. They don’t want to be seen cheap, easy or desperate.

But they are highly afraid of being judged and also they are afraid of attracting wrong type of men.

Women only show their true slutty, horny identity to sexually attractive men. Because only those type of men make them feel really aroused. Those type of men only spark women’s inner desires that they are not even aware of.

But women repel sexually unattractive men or average looking, long term relationship type of men and act like they don’t like sex, they don’t do one night stands and they are not promiscuous or sexual that much.

It’s better for them if those men believe this. It’s just a propaganda that women broadcast. Women can feel emotional attraction towards them, they can even love them but these men don’t make them feel really aroused like good looking, masculine men do. Women even hide their true desires from their nice, loving husbands to keep them in the game.

The reason most men believe that women aren’t sexual much or they don’t get horny or don’t like sex, because most men have never seen women’s true horny, slutty sides from firsthand unfortunately. Because most men are average looking, good guys who aren’t much sexually exciting to women. And therefore oftentimes women give them sex in return of something or when they do some tasks that women need. Therefore most men believe that women aren’t sexual or horny that much but the truth is women just don’t feel strong sexual desire towards them. They don’t feel comfortable with them. But in reality women are highly sexual beings who have very kinky fantasies.

(The truth is no matter how much you love a woman and how much you do for her, how much you give attention to her women can’t fight with their hypergamous nature. They will always follow their urges and feelings. They will always be open to have short term relationships with sexually attractive men no matter what their current relationship status is.)

When sexually attractive men desire them and want to have short term relationship like hook up, women act more open and willing for it. They response to them. But when an average looking, nice guy does that women act way more differently. They act very mean and close towards them.

Yes, women are sluts but only for the right type of men.

They are evolved to hide and manipulate. They can have sex with multiple attractive men and then talk about how they hate sex, don’t get horny or they don’t need sex much and how they only care about love and relationships.

Women can say to average nice guys “i don’t do hook up” and then do it on the same day with an attractive, sexually exciting man.

Women always follow their feelings. Sexually attractive men make women aroused, they make women very horny. Women feel the need to mate with them in a short time. Because it’s in their DNA. As i said they are hardwired to get quality genes from attractive men as soon as possible when the opportunity arrives. They highly adore those men.

Therefore it’s very hard for them to resist their own nature.

Women spend all their youth by trying to get sexual attention from handsome, attractive men.

And when a sexually attractive man desires a woman and shows his interest she can’t resist it. Women can’t help it.

Being desired and getting a lot of attention from an attractive man make women go crazy. It activates their inner slut.

Whether they have loving partners or husbands doesn’t matter much. Women can’t help it. They are always controlled by their urges and feelings.

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