What women really mean when they say “confidence is sexy”?

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a man can have” women say.

Pickup artists and dating coaches always say that “men should act more confident and assertive” and “looks don’t even matter”.

But when a lot of men try to act confident or assertive they still get a lot of rejection and then get confused about it.

In this blog i’ve explained many times that looks matter the most when it comes to sexual attraction and achieving success with women.

In the end you can’t run away from halo effect. You can’t change how people’s brain work.

When women say “confidence is so sexy”. They don’t mean that every men who act confident is sexy.

Absolutely no. When unattractive men act confident or assertive women get triggered by their behaviors and call them creepy, weird or pervert. They don’t want those men to approach them and flirt with them. Therefore it’s not about how you behave generally, it’s about how you look.

In reality when women talk about confidence what they really say is “confident, good looking men are sexy”. And women want those good looking men to approach them and flirt with them. That’s what they actually mean. They want attractive men to act confident and assertive.

When unattractive or average looking men act assertive and try to be someone that they are not most women think that “they have no reason to act confident” “why are they try to act confident” therefore they get mad and triggered about it. They don’t believe them, they think they are faking it.

Again, you can’t escape from halo effect. People judge people based on their looks. Your behaviors and personality strongly tied to your looks. People perceive your personality based on your looks and a lot of scientific studies proved this over and over again.

When women see a tall, fit, handsome man they think he is confident, smart, happy and successful. They assume a lot of women are after him. They assume he is little bit a bad boy. But on the other hand when they see a short, ugly, unattractive man they think he is probably insecure, lonely, depressed loser and no women want him. They instantly think this way before even know about him.

Women don’t expect these unattractive men to act confident, they don’t want them to act confident.

Therefore confidence is not the reason of sexual attractiveness, it’s the product of it. It’s the end result.

Confidence is in your looks. When you are an attractive, healthy looking man you tend to be more confident by default. You tend to experience positive experiences in life therefore you become more assertive naturally. And women know this. We all know this deep inside.

When women talk about confident men they imagine someone who is tall, fit and handsome. They imagine someone like Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth.

This is the reality.

Do you think that the guy on the above is a confident guy and very successful with women?

What do you assume about him? If he acts confident or assertive would you believe him?

And when you see a guy like this do you think that he is insecure and depressed? Do you think that he is a lonely virgin? Would you assume that he behaves submissive, weak and passive?

Probably not right. This is the illusion of looks. We can’t escape from this. And you are neither a woman nor interested in men. Just imagine how women feel.

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