What is the mating strategy of women? How do they play it?

We have talked about before how women have dual mating strategy.

Women have two fundamental needs. One is getting quality, healthy genes to bring healthy and strong children into the world so those children can survive and reproduce successfully.

And second, they need to get commitment and resources to take care of those children due to human babies are very hard to raise.

And women are hardwired to be attracted to those two aspects. They either desire a guy sexually for his quality genes or they are attracted to a guy emotionally because of his genuine love and resources. For the comfort and security that he provides.

But women can get quality genes from one guy and commitment and resources from an another guy. And they evolved that way. Our female ancestors achieved a lot of success with this strategy.

But this strategy is not the only strategy that women have. Women or men all humans are very complex beings and they can do a lot of different things to be successful at the game of life.

And today in this article i’m going to talk about different mating strategies that women have and how do they play it.

The first mating strategy of all people have is pair bonding.

As we mentioned above and in other articles women have dual mating strategy. But it doesn’t mean that this is their priority and most important strategy.

Women actually don’t want to commit dual mating consciously. Yes, their desire and priority is actually pair bonding.

They actually want to be with a man that has everything. Good looking, confident, loving, caring and of course rich.

This is what all women dream about. Fulfilling their all needs (physical, material and emotional) with the same man. They want a handsome, rich man who will commit, stay loyal and love them genuinely.

They want a prince charming.

But this kind of men either don’t exist like unicorns or they are extremely rare. Because good looking, masculine (sexually attractive) men tend to be unfaithful and emotionally unavailable.

And only very few women actually lucky enough to find a dream guy like that and therefore rest of those women end up committing dual mating.

When women are young and pretty they try their chances with finding a loyal, attractive man. They try to get in long term relationship with that kind of man.

Some women find a dream guy like that and actually achieve this but most of them can’t therefore they try to change handsome but emotionally unavailable, player type of men to make them good loyal partners. They go from one fuckboy to another one. They try to change them but at the end they get used by them constantly.

As we concluded most of those sexually attractive men know that they are very attractive, they get a lot of female attention so they try to have sex with as many women as they can.

And some women even the beautiful and young ones know that these type of attractive men are unfaithful and typically players therefore they especially search for long term relationship type of men from the beginning and they don’t even bother to change or chase highly attractive men to make them loyal partners. Because either they had bad experiences in the past or they are smart enough to know that they will get hurt at the end. (Of course this doesn’t stop these women from having short term relationships and cheating on their long term partners with these sexually attractive men. Because no matter what women do or say they are hardwired to mate with sexually attractive men whenever the opportunity arrives.)

Women don’t think like this consciously of course it happens subconsciously, it happens spontaneously. They don’t consciously say “today i will go out and cheat on my partner.” Instead, women can say “i would never cheat”, “i love my partner so much” etc. but then end up doing it because they always follow their feelings and urges. They always act based on how they feel at that moment. And women even don’t aware of their own nature.

Women are always open for short term relationships with attractive males because they don’t want to miss their chance. Women have strong instinct to get quality genes when they have the opportunity. And in nature there are no second or third chances much and therefore when women interact with handsome, sexually attractive men, when those men give them attention, women feel the need to mate with them in a short time. They get aroused quickly.

Because they don’t want to miss this great chance. And that’s why women are always open for short term relationships with handsome, attractive men. Whether they are in long term relationships or they have husbands it doesn’t matter. When they have the chance to get quality genes women will want to get it. At least the instinct will be there. It’s up to them to act on it. They may not think like this consciously but subconsciously their motivation is getting quality genes.

This is how women play their mating strategy.

Generally, when women are very young they spend their time with attractive, handsome men. They have fun with them, they have parties and do kinky things with them. Then when they get to their late twenties they start to look for more stable, loving partners who have also enough resources. Because they look for comfort and security.

But still no matter what stage they are in their lives women are not loyal beings.

They are always open for better deals. Better options.

They can leave their broke but sexy lover for a rich, nice guy or they can cheat on their rich husbands with a young, sexy guy.

And even though they have loving partners, boyfriends or husbands still they can have a lot of affairs with attractive men out of instinct to get quality genes.

Dual mating and hypergamy are women’s mating strategy. They are their core.

And they act on these constantly.

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