What are the things girls look for in guys? What do women look for in men?

Well here we are again with a big question to answer. What makes a guy attractive to women? What are the things girls look for in guys?

Men are simple creatures and they look at very simple things to judge a woman’s sexual attractiveness and this happens really fast.

When a man walks down the street he can be attracted to many women in a very short period of time.

Women are highly visual beings too and sometimes they can desire a guy very quickly like men do. But women’s sexual attraction can be more selective and they may need little bit more interaction with a man to get that high level of arousal state.

Therefore most men wonder what do women really look for in men? What do they desire?

In this article i will answer that.

Often times girls can pick guys for different purposes in different times when they are in different mood.

We all know that women are hypergamous in nature. They seek high value men especially when it comes to sexual selection, they want to get the best man that they can get because that’s how women have survived and reproduced successfully.

High value men impregnated a lot of women and they reached out resources easier than their competitors but low value men couldn’t do that easily, they’ve got dominated by other men therefore women try to separate men all the time to understand who’s who.

Typically for women there are 3 types of men. One is sexually attractive men who are genetically superior. These men are typically tall, handsome, assertive men. Women respect, desire and admire these men more than any others. Second one is good men. These men are typically average looking, loving and caring, perfect long term relationship type of men that women get emotionally attracted in many times. And last one is unattractive, genetically inferior, low value men that women don’t want to be bothered by at any times.

Women’s men preferences can vary from time to time depending on what mood they are in or how many quality choices that they have.

When it comes to long term relationship or marriage they can make different decisions and might prefer different kinds of men.

But how do women decide which men are high value and which men aren’t? And how do they choose which men are suited for long term relationship and which men are best for sex?

If you don’t know there are two kinds of attraction. One is sexual attraction and other one is emotional attraction. These attractions have different purposes. One is for reproduction, it’s about getting quality genes. Other one is for long term relationship, it’s about security and emotional stability.

There are different types of attraction for women because throughout the all human history women had two different needs. One is getting healthy, high quality genes to reproduce and the other one is getting commitment and resources to raise their children. Lucky women have found a man that has both aspects (attractiveness and commitment) but other ones weren’t lucky like them unfortunately. So out of necessity they ended up with dual mating.

First of all, when it comes to sexual attraction women look for:

Height: Okay most of you know this. They look at your height. Oftentimes first thing that women notice about you is your height beside your face and body. Women desire tall men because tall guys look more masculine, more dominant and therefore they make women feel safe and feminine. Also it’s not coincidence that tall men are much more successful in life.

tall men ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Women are programmed to find tall men sexually attractive.

Tallness is an indication of having a high status. When people see tall men they admire them, they look them up.

Also not only women, even men respect and admire tall guys. They listen them, they take them seriously.

Tall men look intimidating and therefore other men think carefully before challenge them.

And women know this of course therefore they desire tall guys on great amounts.

Women notice tall men instantly in a crowd.

Face: Face is also very important. You have to have decent looking face enough to be seen as a potential sexual mate by women.

matt bomer ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you have decent looking face it’s enough for most women actually. You don’t have to look like a male model or Hollywood actor of course. These kind of guys are very rare in society. But if you have both good looking symmetrical face and tall height you will be seen as dreamy in women’s eyes of course there is no question about that.

But generally your face have to look decent enough to be seen as a potential mate and not like some creepy, weird looking dude. Us humans, men and women highly value facial symmetry. Therefore face is very important. Facial symmetry indicates good health. It indicates genetic quality.

Women generally desire masculine facial features along with facial symmetry.

Chiseled square jawline, high prominent cheekbones, small narrow eyes, thick manly eyebrows, and thick and healthy hair with a decent amount of facial hair look attractive to women.

Testosterone levels are what women are actually attracted to, they just don’t realize this. Subconsciously, the primal part of a woman is looking for a mate with dominant reproductive capabilities.

High testosterone shows itself in strong jawbones, darker coloring and high prominent cheekbones. So when a woman sees a man with a good jawline, she says he’s so handsome while her brain says he has good genetic material.

Also fWHR (facial width to height ratio) is very important when it comes to male sexual attractiveness. Research has shown that men with higher facial width-to-height ratios (fWHRs) have higher testosterone and they are perceived more aggressive, more powerful, and more financially successful. Researchers tested whether they are also more attractive to women in the ecologically valid mating context of speed dating. Men’s fWHR was positively associated with their perceived dominance, likelihood of being chosen for a second date, and attractiveness to women for sexual relationships. Perceived dominance (by itself and through physical attractiveness) mediated the relationship between fWHR and attractiveness to women for short-term relationships. Furthermore, men’s perceptions of their own dominance showed patterns of association with mating desirability similar to those of fWHR. These results support the idea that fWHR is a physical marker of dominance.

Higher fWHR makes a man more sexually attractive. Actors such as Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill have higher fWHR. No wonder they are chosen sexiest man alive countless times.

Body Frame: Women desire men who look manly. Being little bit muscular and fit is always good. You don’t have to and should’t look like professional body builder (overly muscular) but you have to have some kind of fitness. Fit, toned body always look very attractive on men.

wide body men ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Women desire men who have larger body frame than them. Generally they don’t like too skinny, thin men or men who have small, narrow body frame. Because they want men to look like a man.

Therefore they look at your shoulders, chest and arms. They want broad shoulders, large chest and relatively big arms. Again you don’t have to look way too big but you have to look wide and strong enough to look like a man. (I think you’ve got the idea.)

Narrow shoulders, thin arms and legs and small chest aren’t attractive to women that much. These kind of men look weak, fragile and childish therefore women don’t find them strong and healthy enough, they don’t see them genetically fit therefore they don’t find them sexually attractive.

(As you can see from the picture above, body frame highly affects physical attractiveness.)

On the other hand men who have broad shoulders and muscular arms look strong and dominant. They look manly. Therefore women lust after these men. Also it indicates that the guy is working out and active in his life not just lazy and passive.

According to studies, majority of women think broad shoulders are the most attractive male body part along with tall height. Just like men desire women who have thin waist and wide hips with round ass and perky boobs, women desire tall men with broad shoulders and strong arms. They like wide, v-shape body frame. They find that extremely sexy.

(Body types that women find attractive from the most to the least)

As you can see women don’t like too muscular men and also they don’t like too skinny men. They desire healthy, lean, fit body the most.

According to most women, a body like this is the most attractive body on men.

Also thickness of neck is one of the important factors when it comes to overall physical attractiveness. Men who have thin neck look weak and timid generally.

(Just neck thickness alone changes a man’s attractiveness on great amounts.)

Having a thin neck is a feminine trait. Therefore it makes a man look weak and fragile but men who have thick neck look masculine and dominant therefore they look more attractive.

In conclusion, overall body frame and fitness are very important when it comes to sexual attractiveness.

Men and women, we are all biologically attracted to health and sexual dimorphism. Just like men are attracted to feminine physical features, women are attracted to masculine physical features.

Masculinity: Masculinity is crucial for a man in order to him become successful in life.

Confidence, aggressive and dominant behaviors (not too much), emotional toughness, assertiveness, ambition, courage are all very attractive to women. Because men who have these traits survive and become successful in life. These men act manly, they act confident and courageous and they dominate their rivals.

On the other hand passive, timid, insecure, submissive, emotionally weak type of men are not that much sexually attractive.

That’s why women love bad boys and don’t desire typical nice guys. Bad boys are confident, courageous and masculine but nice guys act timid, insecure and too submissive. They act passive.

That’s why women instinctively want to get to know you better to see your true personality, to see are you confident, masculine or weak and insecure.

They look at your movements, your attitude and manners, how you talk and how you move to understand your true personality.

When a man acts confident and masculine he looks charismatic and therefore he becomes sexually attractive to women. Masculine attitude is one of the most sexiest traits a man can have.

Life is hard and tough and in order to achieve success and reach out resources you need to take risk, be assertive, confident and take action to get what you want. Because these kind of men succeed in life.

Weak, timid and passive type of guys aren’t like this, they act cowardly and they are submissive and therefore women don’t find them sexually attractive much.

You don’t and shouldn’t have to be overly aggressive, hyper masculine type of men but you have to have enough amount of confidence and masculinity. Otherwise you won’t be as attractive as you wish to be.

Even sometimes if a man is tall and decent looking but if he acts way too insecure, timid, passive or awkward then women might not desire him after they figure out that he is not confident and masculine enough. That’s how much masculinity is important to women.

Although if you have a really good looking face and tall height with a decent body frame then having minimum amount of confidence and masculine behaviors will be highly enough for women because good looks will trump any other traits especially when it comes to sexual attraction due to halo effect.

Age: Women desire little bit mature looking men. If a guy is looking too young or childish then women may see him as a boy not a real man. According to most women men look best when they are between the age of 25 to 35. Of course the opposite, if a man is too old then women see him repulsive and sexually unattractive.

Status: Status also is attractive. Women desire men who have high status. But just status and fame alone won’t make you sexually attractive to women. You have to have enough amount of looks to make your status work for you.

Also women like a guy who has good social skills because having good social skills and a lot of social connections indicate having a high status. It means that you are healthy human being who can communicate and express yourself.

Asocial people can’t survive easily in this world because we are social animals. We survived as a group. That’s why women like someone who has good social skills. Someone who is popular and can communicate.

Intelligence: I don’t even need to explain this i guess. Who doesn’t find smart people sexier? Smart people always achieve more in this world. Also that’s why women love funny guys because humor indicates intelligence and confidence which women can find sexy.

For the long term relationship women look for:

Money and Resources: When it comes to long term relationship or partnership nothing is more attractive than money. Women want someone who has a lot of money and resources because also it means that guy will be good provider and he will provide safety, decent lifestyle and security for them and their children.

Like Minded: Women connect emotionally with men who have similar interests, think and feel the same way with them. They love someone like that because when they are connected emotionally with a man then that man can be a good partner and understand them really well.

Caring, Loyal Personality: When it comes to long term relationship or partnership women look for more of a caring, loyal, loving personality than confident, assertive masculine one. Because they want someone who will stick around and be good provider for them and help them to raise their children. Because highly masculine men aka “bad boys” no matter how sexy they are they tend to be more unfaithful and unreliable.

Here you have it.

Note that women’s menstrual cycle might influence their mating decision. When women are ovulating they tend to prefer more masculine, good looking men to mate with. (Especially if they are not already in a relationship with that kind of man.) But in other days they might seek average looking and little bit more loyal, nicer, provider type of men to have relationship. Of course this depends on woman to woman and how many quality choices that they have and where they are in their lives.

Now having said that, women actually don’t go all the way for one or another in many times. They actually look for someone who has both aspects. Someone who is decent looking, masculine but also little bit nicer, loyal and like minded. (They even try to change bad boys to make them good long term partners.)

This is what all women dream and want. Fulfilling their emotional and physical needs with the same man at the same time.

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