Some facts about women’s nature

Women are as sexual as men are. They are highly kinky, horny beings who love and crave sex frequently. They have strong sex drives and urges. But oftentimes they just don’t show their slutty sides to avoid social judgement (and they also don’t want to attract wrong type of men because women are sexually attracted to only few percentages of men). Women simply don’t want to look “cheap”, “desperate” or “easy” therefore they act very subtle about it even though they are burning inside. (That’s why most women want men to approach them and initiate for sex. Because they expect men to take all the responsibility and make them feel desired.) But in reality women have very rich and diverse sexual fantasies and they are very promiscuous beings. In conclusion women are not as innocent as they pretend to be.

Women are highly visual beings just like men are. But they are just way more selective than men are, generally they are harder to please visually and they may need little bit more interaction with a man to get that high level of arousal state that men get in seconds in many times. But when it comes to sexual attraction and physical intimacy they actually care about looks on great amounts even more than men do. They desire masculine men who are tall, fit and handsome. They have strict criteria and standards when it comes to male sexual attractiveness. According to studies women find 80% of men sexually unattractive and even below average in terms of looks. If you give a woman bunch of potential sexual partners to choose from she will most likely choose the most attractive one to her. And the more option a woman has the more picky she will become.

Women have dual mating strategy. They crave high quality genes in order to procreate and they crave commitment, comfort and security in order to take care of themselves and their children on the long run. And they can get quality genes from one guy and commitment and resources from another guy. Women can love and emotionally connected to a guy without feeling any lust towards him. Women can be with a guy just for their emotional needs or financial needs and then have affairs on the side to fulfill their sexual needs. Women can date with a guy for months and make him wait for sex and go through a lot of steps for it while they have sex easily with a lot of hot guys on the side and let them use their bodies.

Women are hypergamous in nature. They always crave the best option that they can have. Whether it’s for quality genes or long term commitment they always seek out the best deal that they can have. Women’s selectivity will be based on number of their options. And they can easily switch mates when they find the better one.

When women interact with a sexually attractive man who is genetically superior they desire him very quickly and feel the need to have sex with him in a short time. Because instinctively they don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting high quality genes. Women act much more open, interested and flirtatious with attractive men than they act in normal times with average men. Therefore women can cheat on their partners at anytime in any condition. Doesn’t matter how loving and caring their current partners are or how rich and successful they are. Even they have a sexually attractive partner already still they can cheat on him when they interact with a relatively better or more exciting man. Women are not loyal beings at all. Their mating strategy is very opportunistic.

Your personality or behaviors don’t matter much when it comes to sexual attraction with women unless you are extremely shy, timid, passive, submissive or effeminate. Masculine behaviors like assertiveness or dominance can increase your overall sexual attractiveness but only if you have enough amount of masculine, good looking appearance already. If you don’t have enough amount of physical attractiveness then any masculine behavior you exhibit will look repulsive or fake or exaggerated to majority of women. Sexual attraction is mostly about looks and personality and behaviors have little to no affect when it comes to it. Because most of the time women judge men’s personalities and behaviors based on how they look before even know them. Anything that attractive men do will be seen “cute”, “hot” or “sexy” by women. On the other hand if unattractive men do the same behaviors women most likely will call them “creepy”, “disgusting” or “pervert”. It’s only sexual harassment when you are unattractive.

What women say and what they actually do are completely different things. Women can say a lot of things but then do completely the opposite. Oftentimes women don’t use words the way men use words. Women always follow their feelings and instincts which they change a lot from moment to moment. Women may say that they are not attracted to good looks that much or looks don’t matter to them or they don’t find “too good looking men” attractive but when you watch them when they interact with those good looking men you will see that they literally worship them and act highly sexual with them. Why women are always like that? It is still a mystery. Therefore what women do and how they behave is far more important than what they say.

Women give average men sex conditionally. They have a lot of rules and conditions or “steps” for sex because they exchange and use sex for commitment and resources or for other benefits. They use sex as a tool. Because they don’t truly desire average men. On the other hand women will do anything and break every single rule and condition that they have and take great risks in order to be with a sexually attractive man out of instinct to get quality genes from him. They can say “i never cheat on my partner” or “i never do hookup” and then do it on the same day with a sexually attractive man that they even barely know.

Women are highly emotional, sensitive, fragile, submissive beings. They don’t have strong stable emotions. They can’t handle the reality easily. They are highly insecure and timid in many times. They expect everything from men and they don’t want to take and accept any responsibility. They never want to be blamed for the things that they do. They are deadly afraid of rejection and social judgement and avoid them at all cost. Even the prettiest women feel this way and sometimes feel insecure about themselves. That’s why women will never say the truth about themselves or how they truly feel or give any good advice to men because they are highly afraid of judgement and any potential of harm from men.

Women are natural virtue signallers. They love to be seen pure, innocent, prude and moral especially in the right moment. They do this subconsciously to attract long term mates and security. They love to be seen more than they already are. But in reality they are as shallow and as dirty as men are and maybe even more. Therefore they are not innocent, virtuous beings as they seem to be.

Money alone won’t make a man sexually attractive to women unless he has good looks already. Money just can make you look more attractive if you have enough amount of attractiveness already. Because money fulfills women’s security and comfort needs. Women love men who have money because they actually love the security, comfort and lifestyle that they provide. But they never truly sexually desire them if they lack in terms of looks and attractiveness. Most women exchange sex for money, lifestyle and security. A lot of women even cheat on their rich partners with young, sexy men. Because sexual attraction is mostly based on looks not money, personality or status. Your personality, money or status only matter when it comes to long term relationships. If a woman doesn’t desire you sexually then she can’t truly respect and adore you. And no amount of money or status can buy that.

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