If you are attractive, women live for your attention

Women crave attention and feeling desired like a fish craves water to breathe.

They are addicted to this. They crave attention and validation from men constantly to feel worthy and live a normal life.

Because women are emotional beings and they were dependent on men throughout the all history in order to live and survive.

But the thing is women don’t want attention from any man. They don’t want every men to desire them.

They want it from attractive, quality men. They want only handsome, good looking or rich, high status men to approach them and give them attention and validation that they crave.

They don’t want any attention from unattractive or poor men.

For women, tall and handsome men are not even in the same species with ugly, short men unfortunately. That’s how most women think actually.

Women don’t even notice unattractive men. They only see unattractive guys when they need something from them unfortunately.

Actually women are extremely sexual beings. All humans are. But where men are direct and aggressive, women are little bit passive and more picky.

Men desire way more women than women desire men in many times.

When it comes to sex, women desire certain percentage of men not most of them.

And for that reason, most average men think that women aren’t much horny, sexual and don’t need sex. But this belief is very false and outdated especially in the age we live in.

Look at Social Media, in apps like Instagram women reveal themselves and they wear sexy clothes and act highly sexual to get a lot of attention and when you look at comments that women have written under handsome men’s photos are mind boggling.

Therefore women are highly sexual, horny creatures who crave attention and validation constantly. They don’t even afraid of judgement of society in this age. A lot of them openly express their sexuality.

But the thing is women are interested only certain type of men when it comes to sex.

They only desire attractive men. Typically they want to have sex with tall, good looking men who really desire them and give them enough amount of attention. They want those men to desire them and approach them.

Because in today’s age women receive massive amount of attention from all types of men and because of they are extremely hypergamous especially when it comes to sex, therefore they go directly to top males.

Women want attention from these attractive, high value men. When these men give them attention they feel so many great feelings.

They feel worthy, desired and wanted, they feel pretty and sexy, they feel special and loved and of course they get highly aroused. They get fall in love easily.

Women literally live for this. They live for attractive men’s attention and validation.

Women want to be seen and heard, all the time. They want to be chased, they want to be desired and wanted all the time. They want to be the center of men’s world but not all men of course. That’s why most men can’t understand this.

Women want to get attention from men who they find attractive not from any man.

While they crave attention they hate attention at the same time because they only crave it from attractive men.

It’s harsh but it’s true.

But women live for men, trust me. When an attractive, good looking, high quality guy shows geniune interest and gives attention, women feel weak in the knees, they get super excited.

They react very open and flirtatious. They act inviting. But on the other hand they can act very mean and angry towards men who they don’t find attractive.

Women can tell lies and manipulate unattractive men. They can make those men to believe that women aren’t sexual because it’s good for women if those men believe this.

But women can do wild, crazy things with attractive men, they can break every single rule or criteria that they have, they can go thousands of miles just to be with them.

Women expect attention from attractive men. They want these quality, good looking men to approach them, chase them, desire them and be sexual with them.

When an attractive guy act sexual women think it’s cute, it’s flirting but if an unattractive guy does it, it’s creepy and harassment.

If a handsome, attractive man doesn’t act sexual with women and have a lot of sex with them, most women think that he wastes his superior genes. They actually encourage him to be sexual with women little bit. Because they don’t understand why he is not sexually aggressive. Women don’t want handsome men to be shy and timid sexually. Because that wouldn’t make any sense. Women want those men to show their desire, approach women and be sexual with them.

If a handsome, tall attractive guy doesn’t give attention to a woman, if he doesn’t desire her she feels ignored and ugly. She feels undesirable. Therefore she can get very angry and mean. Because she expects attention, she craves validation from him. As i said women want attractive men to be sexual with them. They want those men to bless women with their superior cum.

Women love this. They are highly sexual beings. They can complain about this all day long and how they don’t want to be seen as sex objects but of course they don’t want it from unattractive, low quality men.

On the other hand they try hard to be sex objects. They show their bodies, they do and wear sexy things to get hot guys’ attention. When this happens men get confused. But just look at social media and how women behave generally in real life. They literally crave attention and they crave men’s desire. They compete hard with each other for this.

They are wired like this. They are made by nature to attract male attention. They work hard for this all their lives. Because they had to be in order to survive and reproduce successfully.

Again, women want to be sexual, they want all the attention in the world but just from attractive men.

Women worship these men. Wherever they go their eyes are always looking for them. Attractive, handsome men have immense power and influence over women.

Never forget, women want to be desired, they want to get attention by attractive men. The make up that they put on, revealing dresses that they wear are all about this. Almost everything they do is about this. Their whole being is built on this. Women just live for attractive men’s attention.

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