Do Women Seek Short Term Mates Too?

Not long ago people believed that women are completely monogamous and they are not interested with short term mating or casual sex.

But then the more experiments and studies have been done, the more we learned that we were wrong.

Women seek and want short term mates too.

We have explained before how women are wired to play dual mating strategy.

It means that women, especially the ones who couldn’t make sexually attractive (good looking and masculine) men commit had to settle with average or below average looking, loyal and caring, long term relationship type of males and then they’ve cheated on them with sexually attractive males to get quality genes when they had the opportunity and especially during ovulation.

This was necessary because otherwise they couldn’t access to quality genes and then their own genes would be more likely to vanished from the world. Women had to be able to have short term sex to get quality genes from attractive males. So this is how women have developed short term mating strategy. This is how women became open to have casual sex.

Women’s short term mating is little bit different than men’s though. Men’s short term mating strategy is having short term flings with as many women as possible where women’s is going only for top quality males.

Therefore when men seek short term mating they go down on attractiveness for potential mates but women go up. They try to get the best short term mate that they can get.

Also women seek short term mating when they hope to get in long term relationship with a highly attractive guy. It’s like they throw Hail Mary to impress these highly attractive men and try to make them commit. They hope that those men will be impressed and pleased and love them, they will get in relationship and commit.

This strategy sometimes works but many times doesn’t of course.

And sometimes women have short term mating to gain some benefit from men like getting resources or to gain power or any other important things that women need and want at that moment. (Think about models that hooking up with powerful men to become famous or movie star.)

Therefore women’s short term mating strategy mostly based on instinct to get quality genes or getting into bonding with attractive men or just based on seeking benefit for themselves.

But women especially when they flirt or interact with sexually attractive men in enough time, they get aroused and feel the need to mate with them in a short time. Because instinctively they don’t want to miss the chance of getting high quality genes or to bond with them. That would be really bad for them especially from an evolutionary standpoint. Therefore they don’t want to miss these attractive men. They know that these men have many other options and therefore they try to secure them quickly. They try to get quality genes from them quickly.

But when men seek short term mating often times they act out of instinct to spread their genes as much as possible and therefore they don’t care much about quality.

Generally this is how we are wired.

But of course human behaviors highly get affected by social norms or culture or what kind of age and society we live in.

In today’s age, women can have casual sex and seek short term mating just for anything and for any reason.

They can feel down, bored, ugly, ignored or insecure or just horny and then seek short term flings to feel good, to feel desired and wanted and to feel fulfilled. Of course women still go for quality over quantity but their reason to seek short term mates can vary a lot.

And sometimes they can even have as many casual sex as possible (with sexually attractive men) to feel good or validated or just to have fun. Or simply just for pleasure.

Today’s society is complex and women can have casual sex and can seek short term mates for a lot of different reasons but their mate preferences didn’t change much.

They still go up on attractiveness but their reasons to do it can vary.

But no matter what their reason is women have the ability to seek short term mates. They evolved to seek it. They are not strangers to it. They are not doing something that they didn’t suppose to do.

They are following their natural instinct.

Therefore they do it with ease.

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