Do Women Really Need Emotional Connection and Love to Have Sex?

Short answer is, no they actually don’t. It’s one of the myths that women seek or need to feel emotional connection and love to have sex with a guy.

Yes there are some women out there that only can have sex when they really know and like a person but also there are people out there also have no interest with having sex.

But for most women, they don’t need much emotional connection to have sex with a guy.

Women judge a man’s sexual attractiveness mostly based on his looks and little bit based on his masculine behaviors.

If you are a tall, fit, good looking, assertive guy women don’t need to have an emotional connection with you that much in order to have sex. They don’t need to know what is your favourite movie or what do you like or dislike etc. They don’t need to feel loved.

Because a lot of women have sex without even building emotional connection when they go to parties and night clubs. They already do that with the strangers that they barely know. (Women might want to get to know you little bit before sex not to build emotional connection or feel love but simply just to trust you and make sure that you are a normal, good person not some kind of a serial killer.)

Women want to build emotional connection when they seek long term relationship, when they seek commitment because they want men to commit them, love them and stick around.

Because if you have a deep emotional connection with someone then you will have a strong relationship with him or her. You will love and care about them, understand them and won’t leave them easily.

But when it comes to sex and raw lust they don’t need that much emotional connection, they don’t need to feel loved they just want you to look good and have enough amount of confidence, that’s it.

When women feel horny they become much more open to a short term relationship with a good looking, masculine guy. (Especially during ovulation when they are not already in a relationship with a guy like that.)

And at that time they don’t seek emotional connection. They don’t seek common interests.

What makes a woman feel lust and love towards you are totally different things. Attraction and lust are not the same things.

Women sexually desire a man if that man physically good and masculine.

It’s mostly visual and little bit mental process. It’s about how a man looks and behaves at the same time.

Women love and feel emotional attraction when a guy shares same values and interests with them, care about them and genuinely love them but even at that point they may not feel lust or strong sexual desire for him even they love the guy.

You have to know that women are little bit different than men are. They can feel emotional connection and love one guy while they feel strong lust and sexual desire to another guy.

Evolution made them this way. Women need someone to take care of them and their children, someone who will stick around for a long periods of time and make them feel secure.

Also they need someone that has high quality, healthy genes for reproduction. Of course women prefer a guy who has both aspects (sexual attractiveness and emotional connection) but because most women can’t find someone like that therefore they evolved to separate love and emotional connection from sex.

Therefore women don’t need emotional connection and love to have sex and lust after someone.

Most online dating coaches especially female ones they give advice men to build emotional connection, they might say “women desire a man when a man builds emotional connection with them” or “women have sex with a man only when he shows his genuine love” or “women are emotionally stimulated, they are not visual.”

But this advice is just a lie because most female dating coaches give this advice from their point of view, they want men to commit them, they try to trick men into commitment because women value about this more than just sex. But women can be attracted to a man emotionally without feeling much lust towards him.

Women can know a man even for couple minutes and still they can feel strong lust for him and have sex with him. Because that happens more than you know.

Think about it, if a man is really sexually attractive women wouldn’t want to make him wait weeks or months because they know that type of guy most likely has many other options. So they would have urge to mate with him quickly to not miss the opportunity. They would adore him and try to please him. Even they can fly across the country just to meet with him.

But they can make an average looking nice guy wait months and force him to build emotional connection in order to get boring, conditional sex.

Because lust and love are not the same things. They are totally different things to women.

So if a man is good looking and attractive then he can make a lot of women desire him sexually in a short period of time.

This can happen in 5 to 10 minutes when you meet with a woman but not like spending days or going to countless dates.

If you spend one hour with a woman and still she doesn’t feel much sexual attraction towards you then most likely she never will even after the 5th or 10th date.

Because she will learn enough about you, she will see how you behave and how you look generally.

So don’t confuse emotional connection with sexual attraction.

Sometimes if a man looks really handsome like tall, fit, really good looking like a male model then women don’t even need to know his personality that much or how much confidence he has.

Because halo effect will make him much sexier in women’s eyes so they will feel instant sexual attraction like men feel every single day when walking down the street.

Therefore when it comes to sexual attraction women mostly care about your looks not your lovely, nice, caring personality or having similar interests or connecting emotionally.