Are women as visual as men are?

Men are 100% visually stimulated and they desire a woman almost in seconds, instantly if she is attractive enough.

Men don’t need to know a woman that much in order to desire her. When men walk down the street they can desire many women constantly in a very short period of time.

That’s how much men are visual.

When people say women aren’t visual they mean this. They mean that they are not visual as much as men are.

Because men don’t even need to know a woman to desire her or find her sexually attractive but women are little bit different. Typically they need to know men before desire them or find them sexually attractive even if it is for couple minutes.

Evolution shaped female and male brains differently.

Men look for fertility signs in women. And those signs are 100% visual signs. Like curvy body, hip to waist ratio, buttocks, youthfulness, breasts these are all visual signs therefore when men see a pretty woman they instantly feel sexual arousal. They feel sexual urge.

Women aren’t like this. They have to know the guy little bit before feeling that.

Why is this like that?

Because again evolution shaped them differently.

A man’s genetic value not only comes from his healthy good looks but also it comes from his ability to survive, dominate and reach resources and women can’t understand which men are worthy to survive just based on looks.

Because there are a lot of other factors like confidence, aggressiveness, courage, emotional toughness, social skills, intelligence, status or any other masculine personality traits that make a man survive and succeed in life.

Because women want to get genes from valuable men, they want to mate with men who will survive in this world. Because if women get pregnant by weak men they have to spend all their resources and time literally for nothing.

Therefore they have to be careful and understand a man’s personality before feeling anything.

Women are visual of course but not exactly like men. Generally they have to see men’s attitude, movements, tone of their voice, how they move, how they act before making decision.

Why? Because that’s how they understand a man’s true personality.

A man can look decent and healthy on the outside but he can be insecure, timid and coward or effeminate inside. That wouldn’t make that man survive much. Therefore women have to know a man little bit before finding him sexually attractive.

Because they want to be sure about him instinctively.

How many times you see a decent looking man but after he speaks or moves he behaves like a child or he is awkward, timid and passive or worst he is very effeminate.

Yeah, therefore women can’t understand or decide a man’s sexual attractiveness just based on pictures. Just based on frames. Because they have to see action, they have to see movements, they have to see manners and they can’t see those in pictures. They might acknowledge a man’s handsomeness but still they may not feel the sexual attraction.

That’s why in online dating, women don’t find most men attractive because they can’t tell based on pictures. That’s why women don’t like dick pictures from random men because they are not aroused visually like men do.

This is why women don’t like watching porn as much as men. That’s why women prefer novels and stories more than porn. Because they can get the context of the story, they can understand the personalities of characters. That’s what makes them feel aroused.

Women need context along with looks. They need little bit information about a man before desiring him. Because that’s how they evolved.

Women can see a very good looking guy in a picture and still they may not desire him or feel lust for him instantly but after they see his personality, how he moves, how he behaves in real life even for a couple minutes then they can find him extremely attractive and they can get really aroused for him.

When it comes to visual signs women look for height, fit-toned body, symmetrical decent looking face and then they look for masculine personality traits like confidence, courage, aggressive, assertive and dominant behavior (not too much), they look for intelligence and status.

Because these traits make a man survive in a wild world.

Having tall and muscular body (not too much women prefer toned body the most) is attractive for women because they make a man look more dominant and aggressive. On the other hand short guys might look weak.

Therefore women find tall height and fit body really attractive. But just these aren’t enough. Also instinctively they try to understand your true personality. Are you confident, are you intelligent enough? Do you have good social skills? Are you masculine enough?

Because just having height and body aren’t enough. In a wild, dangerous world you need to be confident and little bit aggressive and dominant to survive and reach resources and therefore women are wired to seek to get to know men before making decision, before feeling anything.

If you are insecure, timid, passive or submissive and socially awkward you couldn’t survive in a wild world. You would get left behind and dominated by other men.

That’s why women care about men’s personality almost as much as their looks.

Of course looks is highly important and it’s the first thing that women care and notice about you. We’ve talked about that before. Without having enough looks nothing and no confident, assertive personality will work we all know that. You have to have decent enough looks to pass the barriers of women’s mind otherwise you will get called creepy and your personality or masculinity or status will not work.

Looks is still very important when it comes to sexual attraction. It indicates good genetic health. You need to have decent looks enough to create that initial attraction. We’ve already established that countless times. But just having looks alone without having minimum amount of social skills, confidence and masculine personality isn’t enough in many times also. You need to have enough amount of confidence and masculine behaviors to make your looks work properly, to reach your full potential.

If you are really handsome and have everything physically like tall, fit body, very good looking perfect face then women may find you attractive in a very, very short period of time. They may notice you instantly and don’t even need to know your personality that much because of halo effect. But how many men are like that?

But for majority of men, like 99% of men it doesn’t work like that.

Women need to know them little bit even if it is for couple minutes before feeling anything. Before finding them sexually attractive.

Majority of men have to approach women and show them that they really desire them and they have to show that they are confident and masculine, they have to show their social skills and build trust. They have to communicate with women little bit.

If they don’t women won’t desire them.

Even sometimes a man can look good on the outside ( decent height, relatively good looking face) but after talking with women he might show weakness, he may act needy, insecure, cowardly or awkward or too passive. He may act feminine. Then women lose their sexual attraction and get turn off by him. Because women don’t desire men exactly like men desire women.

They care a lot about attitude and manners also.

Women need to see action, they need to see movements. As i said they need context about men. That’s what makes them feel really aroused.

Women may see a picture of tall, fit, good looking male body and still feel nothing but if they see in the real world or even in a video when that guy walking on the street with confidence or doing some kind of work with passion then they might feel sexually aroused and find the guy very attractive.

That’s how women are wired. They are programmed to motion not picture. They are programmed to confident, masculine attitude along with good looks.

So just pictures alone won’t do much for women but actions or movements will.

And what women really crave in a man what they really look for is masculinity. Masculine attitude is one of the most sexiest traits a man can have beside good looks.

Masculine; confident, assertive, competitive, emotionally strong and dominant males survived and beat the competition throughout the all history and women became highly sexually attracted to masculine men.

These men take what they want, they are courageous. That’s why women desire bad boys and don’t desire typical nice guys. Because bad boys are assertive, confident and courageous while nice guys act submissive, weak and passive.

Women desire masculine men. They want masculine men. And they can’t understand that just based on visual signs. They can’t see your masculinity just based on pictures. They need context.

This is how average or okay looking men can increase their sexual attractiveness by having confidence and masculine attitude. Because women are hardwired to it.

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