Are women as visual as men are?

Men are 100% visually stimulated and they desire a woman instantly in seconds if she is attractive enough.

Men don’t need to know a woman that much in order to desire her. When men walk down the street they can desire many women constantly in a very short period of time. And also men are less selective than women are in terms of sexual selection.

That’s how much men are visual.

Some people say women aren’t visual but that’s not true at all.

Women are highly visual beings too but they are just more selective than men are and they don’t tend to be visually stimulated as quickly as men are.

(If you don’t believe that women aren’t highly visual like men then i want you to just look at Henry Cavill’s or Michele Morrone’s Instagram pages and the comments that women have written under their photos.)

Generally women may need some little bit more interaction with a man to reach that high level of visual arousal state. That’s the difference between men and women.

Because evolution shaped female and male brains this way.

Generally women are way more selective than men are. Men want to spread their genes as much as possible but women want to get the best quality genes that they can get therefore they are much more selective and cautious about it. They have strict criteria and high standarts about male sexual attractiveness. And this makes women very hard to please visually.

Men look for fertility signs in women. And those signs are 100% visual. Like curvy body, hip to waist ratio, perky buttocks and breasts, youthfulness these are all visual signs therefore when men see a woman with an attractive body they instantly feel sexual arousal. They feel instant sexual urge towards her.

Women may not be exactly like this. Oftentimes they may want to interact with a guy little bit before feeling that kind of arousal towards him.


Because a man’s genetic value not only comes from his good looks but also it comes from his ability to survive, dominate and reach out resources and therefore instinctively women may want to make sure that the guy is capable of surviving beside just being healthy and fit.

Because there are other factors like confidence, aggressiveness, dominance, ambition, courage, emotional toughness, intelligence, social skills or any other traits that help a man to survive and succeed in life.

Women want to get genes from superior men, they want to mate with men who will survive and reproduce in this world. Because if women get pregnant by weak, unattractive men they have to spend all their resources and time literally for nothing.

Therefore they have to be careful and more selective about their sexual selection.

Women are highly visual beings of course there is no question about, they always desire and admire good looking men. Study after study this has been proven countless times. Women value good looks on great amounts and they don’t care about men’s personalities and behaviors if they don’t find them attractive enough.

Even if women say the opposite but when you watch their behaviors you see that they value looks extremely and most studies prove this.

But generally women also want to see men’s attitude little bit, they want to see their behaviors, tone of their voice, how they move and how they act generally.

Because that’s how they understand a man’s true genetic quality.

A man can look decent and healthy on the outside but he can be very insecure, timid, socially awkward, mentally ill or effeminate inside. That wouldn’t make that man survive much. That might indicate inferior genes or some other problems. Therefore generally women want to interact with a man little bit before feeling high amounts of sexual attraction towards him.

Because they want to be sure about him instinctively.

How many times you see a decent looking man but after he speaks or moves he behaves like a child or he is awkward, timid and too passive or worst he is very effeminate.

Therefore women seek little bit context.

Women might acknowledge a man’s handsomeness and sexiness and find him sexually attractive but still they may not feel high amounts of sexual arousal and lust towards him until they interact with him passively or actively even it is for couple minutes.

That’s why generally women prefer erotic novels and stories more than basic porn. Because they can get the context of the story, they can interact with the characters.

As i said women need context along with good looks. They need little bit information and interaction in order to get completely aroused.

When it comes to visual signs women look for height, body frame, facial symmetry with masculine facial features.

Of course looks are highly important and it’s the first and most important thing that women care when it comes to sexual attraction. We’ve talked about that before. Without having enough looks nothing and no amount of confident, assertive “masculine behaviors” will work we all know that. You have to have enough amount of attractive looks in order to create sexual attraction with women. Otherwise you might get called “creepy” or “pervert” and your masculine behaviors won’t work as a result of that.

Because most of the time women evaluate men’s personalities and behaviors based on their looks.

Good looks indicate good genetic health. You need to look attractive enough to create sexual attraction with women or else nothing will work.

If you are really handsome and have everything physically like tall, fit body, very good looking face like a male model then women might get excited towards you in a very, very short period of time. They may desire you instantly and don’t even need to interact with you that much.

Also sometimes a man can look decent on the outside (decent height, relatively good looking face) but after talking with women he might show some weakness, he may act too needy, insecure, timid or socially awkward or too passive. He may act feminine. Then women probably will lose their sexual attraction and get turn off by him. They won’t find him sexually attractive from that point.

Because women care about behaviors and manners also along with good looks.

Women can see a picture of tall, fit, good looking male and still they may not feel strong sexual desire towards him but if they interact with that guy in the real world or in a video when he is walking down the street with confidence or doing some kind of work with passion then they may feel highly sexually aroused and find the guy very arousing.

That’s how women are wired generally. They are programmed to motion and interaction rather than just stagnant picture. They are highly visual beings, they value looks on great amounts of course as we concluded but they are wired little bit differently.